We revealed to you a few days ago a massive leak about the next iteration of one of the sagas of beat em all most popular with gamers. Whether it’s the characters, the gameplay or even the release date, an insider revealed a whole slew of details about Devil May Cry V.

Today another information has also leaked and not the least since it is about the machines on which the title should be released. As usual, pull out the tweezers of rigor before reading what follows.

Devil May Cry V would therefore be a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive. Which wouldn’t be shocking after all, Capcom having already signed console exclusives in the past, like Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One for example. However, the story does not tell us if this console exclusive will be permanent or temporary, but corroborates the fact that the game is supposed to be revealed during the PlayStation Experienceearly December.

Either way, Dante will be back soon. Let’s Rock!

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