Sanctuary glows with the glow of Mother’s Blessing, inviting Diablo 4 adventurers to sharpen their weapons for a week of exploration and increased riches. This event promises unprecedented gains in experience and gold, propelling players to new heights of power and prosperity.

A Rain of Blessings: Increased experience and gold

A substantial gain for everyone: from November 20 to 27, all players will benefit a 35% (multiplicative) increase in their experience and gold earned. This blessing, granted by Lilith herself, applies to both Seasonal and Eternal Realms, and to all Levels of the World. Take advantage of this boon by combining the effect with Elixirs and the Experience Urn to maximize your gains.

How to benefit from it?

Watch for the new in-game icon next to your potion meter which indicates the increased rate of gold and experience gains. Use this perk to quickly progress through the Battle Pass, reach higher Tiers and World Tiers, and complete your Season Journey before tackling the challenges of Zir’s Slaughterhouse on December 5.

Mobilize your allies

Gather around the fire, summon your most astute companions and destroy the demons with renewed ardor. The cruelty of the Blessed Mother is counterbalanced by her generosity, but for a limited time. Take advantage of this period to increase your gold reserves and satisfy your bloodlust.

This special week at Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your character and amass new riches. Necromancer level 1 or Thief level 95 in the kingdom, the Maternal Blessing opens the doors to an adventure full of promise. Don’t miss this chance to rise to the rank of Sanctuary’s most formidable force!

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