The Season of Blood introduced significant changes to Sanctuary’s class balance. After a first season that divided the community, Blizzard adjusted the mechanics in an attempt to offer a more balanced and stimulating gaming experience. Which classes stand out? Here’s my in-depth analysis to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each class in this tumultuous season.


The Thief – unrivaled versatility

The Thief remains the undisputed star of this season. Its versatility makes it a major asset for endgame challenges. Changes to critical damage and vulnerability have only scratched the surface of its power. His diverse abilities allow him to adapt his playstyle to various situations, making him formidable in almost any scenario.


The Necromancer – notable improvements

Necromancers have received a considerable buff, notably thanks to increased survival of their minions and a general increase in damage. This class is now extremely effective for leveling and can closely compete with the Thief for endgame builds. Their ability to summon and support large numbers of minions makes them a solid choice for players looking to strategically dominate the game.

The Druid – impressive potential

The Druid, although facing slower initial leveling, stands out for its ability to form some of the most powerful late game builds. The new Vampiric Powers introduced this season offer significant benefits, allowing Druids to fully exploit their unique skills. Once leveled up, this class can unleash impressive destructive force.


The Sorcerer – a fragile balance

The Sorcerer, despite a rebalancing of his skills, comes up against notable limits in terms of survival at the start of the game. The most powerful skills of this class only reveal their full potential at the end of the game. However, the use judicious use of the Vampiric Powers can offer the Sorcerer the mobility necessary to compensate for his initial deficiencies.


The Barbarian – a class in decline

Once among the most powerful classes, the Barbarian has seen its luster tarnished by the changes of the Season of Blood. Its slow leveling and reduced power of key builds like Whirlwind Barbarian make it less attractive. The time and effort required to prepare a Barbarian for the endgame is no longer seen as a wise investment.

Diablo 4’s Season of Blood offers a renewed competitive landscape, where each class must re-evaluate their strategies to adapt to the changes. Players now need to use more thought and planning to get the most out of their favorite class. As the game evolves, it will be exciting to see how these dynamics continue to transform and influence the overall Diablo 4 experience.

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