On the agenda for Diablo 4: new features, a unique ring for the Necromancer and massive updates expected by fans. However, despite these attractive new features, players express their dissatisfaction with certain limitations imposed by Blizzard…

The Sacrilegian Soul Ring for the Necromancer

With this season 2, the Necromancer is given a new, highly coveted item: the Ring of the Sacrilegian Soul. This precious jewel can periodically activate certain skills on corpses and is essential for improving its construction.

Obtaining the Ring

However, Malign Rings are very difficult to obtain due to their low drop rate. It will therefore be necessary to demonstrate of great patience and perseverance to hope to get your hands on this very special ring.

Players’ frustrations with limitations imposed by Blizzard

Several months after its release, although the Diablo sequels have never lacked for creativity or new features, some players are feeling frustrated with the restrictions Blizzard put in place in Diablo 4. The long-awaited season 2 is at the heart of some criticisms even though it was supposed to bring new life to the game.

Efforts focused on improvement but still insufficient

It is true that the American firm has made significant efforts to try to revive the dynamics of its game and satisfy the fans. Nevertheless, some enthusiasts are disappointed, pointing out a certain stagnation in the creativity and evolution of the game. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that Blizzard will continue to work to remedy this situation and revive/revitalize interest in the title.

What to expect next?

With Diablo 4 Season 2 in full swing, players can look forward to the new features available to them while hoping that Blizzard will listen to their feedback and adjust the game accordingly. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how these reviews will or will not influence updates and expansions to the game.

New features coming to Diablo 4

Season 2

  • a patch 1.2.2 already in place which adds 5 Evil Rings, whose effects are correlated to the hearts of season 1
  • a patch 1.2.3 on December 5 the possibility at the Occultist to preview the range of results of an enchantment
  • putting online Zir’s Slaughterhouse : a sort of end game dungeon for level 100 characters, which will be very difficult (finally)
  • seasonal events like Winter’s Blight, which will take place at Broken Peaks, with a Christmas theme

Season 3

It will logically follow season 2


Announced for the end of 2024, the Vessel of Hatred expansion will feature Mephisto, in a jungle environment taken from Diablo 2.

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