The whisper of a secret cow level in Diablo 4 has been ringing out since the game’s release. Diablo IV’s legendary cow level entrance seems less and less like a myth. Major progress has been made, but the mystery remains…If you’re one of the secret hunters or simply a curious fan, you know that this mysterious quest has captivated players around the world, ever since Diablo’s first name.

There is no cow level

Blizzard persists and signs: no secret cow levels in Diablo 4. Rod Fergusson, general manager, clarified during an interview with Kinda Funny in May that the team wanted to make Diablo 4 as realistic as possible, thus ruling out the idea of such a level. But we know that Blizzard’s gimmick is to always say “there is no cow level”!

Fun talking to Mike yesterday!

— Rod Fergusson (@RodFergusson) May 31, 2023

The clues of an imminent discovery?

According to Wowhead fan sitea player named Grampa Joe would have managed to enter the Forlorn Hovela cave that many suspect of being the entrance to the famous secret level.

The way to get there

Players must collect three relics. Thanks to datamining, these relics were revealed:

  • the Bloody Wood Fragment
  • the moldy Grimoire
  • and the Complex Metal Fragment.

Obtain the Strange Key: A Door to Mystery

Quest locations for each item

  • Fragment of bloody wood: Hawezar or Kehjistan
  • Moldy Grimoire: Scosglen or Broken Peaks
  • Complex metal fragment: Arid steppes

These relics, once hidden in the game’s data, have now been acquired by players by slaying 666 Estuar cows.

The Ked Bardu fountain

One of the relics would require the elimination of precisely 666 cows in the game. But take note: each character can only discover these items once every 7.7 days (or 666,666 seconds). Good news, they can be shared with your team and stored in your trunk. These items are then offered to the bovine gods to Ken Bardu to obtain a strange key. This fountain is the key.

While visiting it, purify the relics to obtain the Strange Key. She opens the doors to a mysterious house east of Scosglen. Inside, surprise: cows. By eliminating them, you are given an Endurance Potion. And that’s where the current findings stop.

A stamina potion as a clue?

Grampa Joe, after killing the cows in the cellar, recovered an endurance potion, a nod to the Cow King from Diablo 2 who also dropped this item.

But actually, what is the level of cows in the Diablo franchise?

The Secret Cow Level is a famous and humorous part of the Diablo franchise, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Here is an overview of this level through the different opuses of the series:

  1. Diablo I :
    Although the first “Diablo” game did not have a cow level per se, a persistent rumor claimed that there was a way to combine a certain cow, present in the game, with other objects to access a hidden level. Blizzard has denied the existence of this level, but the hype around this rumor likely inspired the addition of such a level in the game’s sequel.
  2. Diablo II :
    In “Diablo II”, the cow level has become a reality. To access it, players must combine Wirt’s leg (a unique item) with a particular book, to put in the Horadrim cube. This opens a portal to the “Moo Moo Farm”, where players are confronted by numerous bipedal cows armed with halberds, led by the fearsome “Cow King”. It was a great place to gain experience and find rare items, and it was also famous for its cows that just “mooed”.
  3. Diablo III :
    “Diablo III” continued the tradition with a secret level called “Whimsyshire.” Instead of cows, however, Whimsyshire features a colorful landscape populated by cute creatures like bear cubs and unicorns, in complete contrast to the game’s dark tone. To access it, players must collect a series of rare items to craft a “Staff of Herding.” While it’s not exactly a cow level, it’s definitely a nod to the original idea.

The idea of ​​the cow level has become something of an urban legend among gamers, and its inclusion in the Diablo games is a perfect example of how developers can interact and have fun with their community.

The quest for the secret cow level in Diablo 4 illustrates the passion and determination of players to discover all the secrets of a game. Even in the face of denials from the creators, the community continues its research, driven by the hope of a discovery memorable. Only time will tell if this legend is real or not. In the meantime, the mystery remains.

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