I announce the resounding arrival of Diablo on your tables: tabletop role-playing game and a board game will arrive! A new quest begins for fans of fun universes and crossovers. After The Witcher, Frostpunk, This War of Mine or even Dorfromantik, the border between the different gaming media opens once again. Blizzard Entertainment and Glass Cannon Unplugged are releasing the first tabletop role-playing game Diablo, an epic adventure for pre-order in 2024, followed by the Diablo board game in fall 2025.

So be careful, critical failure adventurers: the famous Diablo universe is coming to your tables! The announcement made during BlizzCon 2023 made the role-playing community wide-eyed: Blizzard Entertainment partners with Glass Cannon Unplugged and Genuine Entertainment to bring the Diablo experience into a richly crafted tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG). Prepare to dive into the dark world where demons and angels mingle with heroes in robes or plate armor!

Glass Cannon Unplugged, in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, proudly presents Diablo®: The RPG & Board Game. Immerse yourself in the Diablo® universe like never before in 2024. #Diablo #DiabloRPG #DiabloBoardGame

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— Glass Cannon Unplugged (@GCUtabletop) November 3, 2023

To be clear from the outset, here are the two announced products and their expected release date:

Diablo The Roleplaying Game: release in fall 2024
Diablo The Board Game: release in fall 2025

A collaboration of veterans

Jakub Wiśniewski, CEO of Glass Cannon Unplugged, expresses overwhelming enthusiasm after a year spent fully immersed with the Blizzard team. This collaboration allowed for an intensive creative exchange with game directors, producers, and keepers of Sanctuary lore.

Glass Cannon Unplugged

The folks at Glass Cannon Unplugged are far from beginners, since to their credit they have developed board game projects like Frostpunk, Dying Light and soon Apex Legends. Diablo will be their most ambitious project, with two compatible and complementary products, a paper role-playing game and a board game.

Inspired by the illustrious Diablo franchise

The central engine of the Diablo board game is directly inspired by the video game Diablo 4, released in June and became the fastest-selling game in Blizzard history. Even if the game struggles to renew itself and offer an endgame and seasons that match its ambitions, Diablo 4 has received a favorable reception worldwide. The Diablo board game carries the promise of further exploring the world of Sanctuary, offering players new adventures and quests, both in the overworld and the infernal layers, with mechanics they know well.

Diablo The Roleplaying Game

A Planned Rulebook and Supplements: The core rulebook aligns thematically with Diablo 4, and later supplements are already planned to expand the experience across the Diablo timeline. The role-playing game and the board game will fit together and form a coherent and interactive whole, even if the board game is planned for 2025, a year later.

Diablo The Board Game

Diablo: The Board Game is therefore a cooperative adventure planned for fall 2025, and it’s amazing! A synergy between role-playing and board games: the great novelty lies in the synergy between role-playing and board games. Both games will power each other’s experiences with interchangeable components, shared accessories and complementary expansions. We hope here at Campustech for a fully coherent product line, with overlapping events, cross-quests and crossover in all directions.

Merging the Diablo universe into a tabletop role-playing game and board game format ushers in a new era for Sanctuary fans. With a pre-order campaign via Kickstarter and an anticipated launch in 2024, players and the Campustech editorial team will be on the lookout to discover the details of the project!

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