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It’s already been a week, Saturday September 30, since Lina gave any news. The 15-year-old teenager disappeared in Bas-Rhin. Investigators continue to inspect several sites and are notably looking for a vehicle.

On the morning of Saturday September 30, the gendarmes blocked the departmental road along the route taken by Lina before her disappearance a week ago now.Each report is systematically verified.Last false lead, this morning, bones discovered in the forest were in reality animal in nature.In the village where the young girl works, many know and appreciate her.Everyone lives at the pace of research, worried.

A large-scale operation

I am moved myself because I tell myself that it could be our granddaughters, our children, we believe that this does not happen and finally this‘arrived“, confides a woman.Yesterday, a major operation was carried out by the police.Six cars that could possibly match a description were searched. The elements taken from the interior will be analyzed in Strasbourgg (Bas-Rhin)in a scientific laboratory looking for possible traces of Lina’s DNA.

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