After several gameplay videos including one showing you Emily and Corvo escaping from the Royal Conservatory, Bethesda And Arkane Studios show off in pictures the arsenal that will help you during the themed missions and the exploration of Karnaca.

For example, we can see the elegant crossbow of the heir to the throne, theSword of the Howlers or the blade of the two protagonists, half butterfly knife, half switchblade knife, whose handle mechanism you can observe when you use a Time Fold. As you will have understood, in Dishonored 2, each weapon and object has its own story for better immersion for players.

Regarding the abilities, we have already had the opportunity to see them in action on numerous occasions. Corvo’s powers will remain the same but will undergo some changes. In the gifs below, Bethesda shows you some examples to cleverly combine them with each other.

As a reminder, Dishonored 2 is planned for the November 11th coming soon to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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