Diving into The Last Hope – An Overt Nod to The Last of Us on Nintendo Switch

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Diving into The Last Hope – An Overt Nod to The Last of Us on Nintendo Switch

Some games feel eerily familiar, and there’s no better example of that than The Last Hope – Dead Zone Survival on Nintendo Switch, which feels strikingly similar to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. But is it worth your attention, or should your gaming budget be spent elsewhere?

A Familiar Universe Beckons

This clone of The Last of Us didn’t appear on PlayStation but rather unexpectedly popped up on the Nintendo eShop. It’s a bargain buy, priced at a tantalising 99p, down from its original £8.99.

However, even with its enticing price tag, The Last Hope may not be a satisfying investment for everyone. After personally experiencing its gameplay, I can confidently suggest that your money might be better spent on more fulfilling pursuits.

A Narrative Reinvented

For those intrigued by the game, be warned; this article features spoilers. The Last Hope starts with a hauntingly familiar melodic beat, an obvious nod to Gustavo Santaolalla’s iconic main theme from The Last of Us. As you delve further into the game, the similarities become even more pronounced.

However, The Last Hope does throw a curveball by incorporating a time machine into its narrative – a stark departure from Naughty Dog’s storytelling. Yet, the foundational elements remain uncannily similar – a zombie apocalypse, a world sinking into unprecedented disaster, and a father-daughter escort mission steering the narrative.

Playing Brian Lee in a World of Zombies

In this apocalyptic world, you take on the role of Brian Lee, a man thrust into the future to conduct a “governmental investigation” into the zombie outbreak. Whether you choose to bash zombies with a baseball bat or circumvent them entirely, your objective remains to navigate through a desolate cityscape in search of essential supplies.

Meeting Eva – An Unmistakable Homage to Ellie

Here’s where deja vu hits. As you scour a library, you encounter a frightened young girl named Eva, a clear doppelgänger for Ellie from The Last of Us, down to her hair, clothing, and shoes.

Eva assures you she’s uninfected but in need of medication, prompting a mission to a nearby . A sense of companionship develops between you two, fostered by your earlier act of saving her from her hiding spot.

Unexpected Twists and Uncertainty

As the game progresses, it continues to tease out unpredictable twists. Your run takes a turn when you discover that Eva, who oscillates between being called Eva and Eve, is actually your daughter, a truth hidden by the complexity of time travel.

The Last Hope even mimics the environmental conditions from The Last of Us. Eva/Eve’s mother, presumably your partner, perishes en route to a “safe facility for survivors in the sea,” emphasizing that the virus is incapable of crossing water.

Final Thoughts

The Last Hope – Dead Zone Survival provides an engaging yet undeniably familiar gaming experience for fans of The Last of Us, introducing enough fresh elements to make it a unique journey. However, given its striking similarities to Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, it might not offer the novelty many gamers seek.

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