“Do not neglect the Arab society that wants to be part of Israel” (Yoseph Haddad)

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“Do not neglect the Arab society that wants to be part of Israel” (Yoseph Haddad)

Faced with terrorism and the shocking massacre of Hamas which made no distinction between Jews and Arabs, Arab society chose to stand alongside the state.

Do not neglect the Arab society that wants to be part of the country. October 7 marks the date the State of Israel changed forever. After experiencing the greatest disaster in the country’s history, nothing will ever be the same again: Israeli reality has changed forever. One of these changes concerns the Jewish-Arab partnership in the country.

October 7 opened the eyes of even the extreme minority of Arab society in Israel, and the voice of reason among us ceased to be silent and began to rise louder and louder, alongside deterrence of the Israeli police who are currently working hard to suppress any demonstrations of support for terrorism.

Just a few days ago, a survey showed that the identification rate of Israeli Arabs with the state had reached a record high of 70%.

Faced with terrorism and the shocking massacre of Hamas which made no distinction between Jews and Arabs, Arab society chose to stand alongside the state.

We heard many stories of solidarity and heroism during the massacre, such as that of Masad Armilat, a young man who worked at a gas station near Sderot and managed to save 14 young people who were fleeing the festival and hiding in his store while Hamas terrorists attempted to enter. Or Yosef Alziadna, a Bedouin from Rahat who rescued 30 people in his minibus while he was under fire.

And Lieutenant “H”, an IDF Bedouin, who managed to make some terrorists believe that he was one of them when he took off his uniform and spoke to them in Arabic, and when they approached, he eliminated them.

The partnership stands out not only on the battlefield, but also on the civil and social level where initiatives are multiplying across the country. They collect donations for soldiers and residents evacuated from the south and north, professionals from Arab society provide free services to soldiers, volunteer projects in agricultural fields and of course also Arabs who work on the front lines of services public. diplomacy and advocacy.

The nationality law enacted in 2018 created a divide between Arab society in its different nuances and the State of Israel.

In the years that followed, many politicians promised to change the nationality law or enact other laws that would restore Israeli Arabs’ sense of equality.

Today, against the backdrop of war, we are talking about a fundamental law for the benefit of the Druze community. I believe our Druze brothers deserve this recognition, there is a blood alliance between the Druze community and the state, and many of its sons have fallen in defense of Israel over the years, including in the current war.

But at the same time, we must not neglect the rest of the Arabs in Israel. Remember that at this moment the soldiers of the Bedouin reconnaissance unit are fighting in Gaza and risking their lives for the country, remember the Arab doctors who are in the hospitals and fighting for the lives of the wounded, remember you for the heroism of Massad, Yosef and Lieutenant H. who saved the lives of many Jews.

“Do not neglect the Arab society that wants to be part of Israel” (Yoseph Haddad) - 1

We all deserve to feel the feeling of equality, to feel that the State of Israel is making amends and caring for us all. It is not even necessary to adopt another special basic law. It is enough to modify 3 simple articles of the nationality law. Add alongside a Jewish state that the State of Israel will also remain a democratic state. Restore the status of the Arabic language as the official language of the country and ensure that alongside the development of Jewish settlements, there is also the development of Arab settlements.

I will briefly explain the sections.

Adding a democratic state alongside a Jewish state does not change nationality law or the definition of the State of Israel. After all, there are two fundamental laws that establish the fact that the State of Israel is a democratic state. But it strengthens the feeling of belonging of non-Jewish minorities. The addition of the Arabic language is simply to bring the situation back to what it was.

In my opinion, this also has value because every Jew needs to know the Arabic language, just like every Arab needs to know how to speak Hebrew, because it is above all a tool to bridge the gaps that separate us , but it is also the language of the enemy and therefore it is important for everyone that Arabic is spoken here.

And regarding the development of Arab settlements: if they do not open Arab settlements, the socio-economic situation of Arab society will continue to deteriorate, crime will increase and, of course, this will also affect Jewish society and, in ultimately, everyone. will suffer.

These changes will make the nationality law equal for all of us, they will not even slightly damage the attachment of Jews to the country that stems from the law and will only strengthen the sense of belonging of Israeli Arabs.

Now is the time to strengthen Israeli Arabs who identify with the state and support us so that we can defeat separatist and extremist voices. As a people, we must not let this opportunity pass us by.

Inshallah, God willing, they will do the right thing. Because together, with an Arab-Jewish partnership in Israel, there is no chance that anyone can defeat us. This is the way to bridge the gaps and offer Israel a future of security and mutual accountability.​


“Do not neglect the Arab society that wants to be part of Israel” (Yoseph Haddad) - 3

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