It goes without saying that one of main draws of sports games like NHL 23 is the ability to play with friends. But, we live in an age where console cohesion is not a thing; you are not guaranteed have the same console as your friends. Heck – you might not even have the same console generation. So the real question is… Does NHL 23 support cross-platform matchmaking?

Does NHL 23 offer cross-platform matchmaking?

This will be, according to an image of the calendar posted on social media by EA Sports. In the image we can see that starting with phase 0 on November 15 and ending with phase 4 on November 28, several modes will receive cross-platform matchmaking. But, while the Phase 0 patch will be deployed on November 15, matchmaking for disparate modes will not be Really start until phase 1 on November 17th. Here is the breakdown:

  • Phase 0 (November 15) – No mode will have cross-platform matchmaking.
  • Phase 1 (November 17) – Ones Eliminator, HUT Rush.
  • Phase 2 (November 21) – 6v6 EASHL, 3v3 Drop-In.
  • Phase 3 (November 23) – 6v6 Drop-In, HUT Champs, 3v3 EASHL, Threes Eliminator.
  • Phase 4 (November 28) — HUT rivals.

Thus, fans of the franchise will not have long expect their favorite modes to be cross-platform.

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What is cross-platform matchmaking?

It can be boils down to this: if you have a PS4 and your friend has an Xbox One, you can only play NHL 23 with them if cross-platform matchmaking is enabled. Ditto if you have a PS5 and your friend has an Xbox Series X|S. But, it should be pointed out that this does not workgenerationally. So if you have a PS5 and your friend has an Xbox One, You are unlucky. It’s also worth mentioning that cross-platform, in this case, means you can only play against your Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S friend if you’re on PS4/PS5. You can only play with your friend if you are on the same console. The console wars rage on, my friends.

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