During a showcase broadcast live today, the video game publisher Capcom shared valuable information about its recent title updates, including Dragon’s Dogma 2directed by Hideaki Itsuno.

Hideaki Itsunodirector of Dragon’s Dogma 2opened the special online program of Capcom At Tokyo Game Show giving us a unique insight into the fantastic world of this highly anticipated game. This ten-minute look immersed us in the game’s universe, revealing the AI ​​companions called “Pawns”, the different classes available, as well as the two nations that players will have the opportunity to explore during their journey. . The video also highlighted the variety of ways players will be able to express their creativity in the immersive world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam).

Become the Insurgent

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a narrative Action/RPG that places players in the shoes of the Insurgent, a protagonist evolving in an immersive fantasy world. Within a group made up of three AI companions, called “Pawns”, including a personalized main Pawn, players will have to make the most of each person’s skills to overcome the challenges that stand in their way. Before embarking on each quest, it is essential to organize the group wisely by strategically choosing each member’s classes. Players will initially be able to select one of four available classes: Fighter, Archer, Thief or Mage. In addition, the possibility of changing classes as they progress in the adventure will be offered to players by visiting Class Guilds scattered across the world.

The Choice of Classes

  • Warriors wield sword and shield, favoring raw power and the protection of their group.
  • Archers excel at ranged attacks, aiming precisely at enemies’ weak points.
  • Rogues combine speed, agility, and razor-sharp blades to deal rapid damage while skillfully dodging.
  • Mages, adept with the staff, support their group with magical spells, enchantments and devastating attacks.

Hideaki Itsuno also revealed two exclusive classes for the player-controlled Insurgent.

Archer-Mage : Using magic arrows, this versatile class can attack, heal allies, and unleash a devastating attack in exchange for its own Health Points.

Mage Knight : Armed with a dual spear and magic, this class can deal powerful blows and paralyze enemies or throw objects at them.

Exploring the Nations of Dragon’s Dogma 2

The story of Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes place in two distinct nations: Vermund, the land of humanity, and the Leonin nation of Battahl. Each of these lands offers a unique environment, citizens with diverse motivations, and fascinating quests to discover. Players will be able to interact with different characters, exchange information on quests and explore various locations. You will also have to be careful not to venture out at night, as darkness can bring many dangers.

Ox carts, which allow rapid travel between major cities, will provide a convenient way to get around, but you will need to remain vigilant, as these transports are not safe from attacks en route.

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