Dungeon Tokens Pokeclicker: How to easily get Dungeon Tokens?


Dungeon Tokens Pokeclicker: How to easily get Dungeon Tokens?

Among all the currencies available on Pokéclicker, a completely free game as we recall, the Dungeon Tokens are probably the most sought after, at the start of the adventure anyway. You will understand later that the Quest Points are even more useful and necessary in particular to buy eggs and Pokémon in order to complete your Pokédex. Either way, here are the best techniques for getting the most Dungeon Tokens.

Pokéclicker: How to get Dungeon Tokens easily?

When you start your adventure in Kanto, the tutorial teaches you that you can simply get Dungeon Tokens by catching Pokémon. Of course, the number of tokens obtained depends on the strength of the Pokémon and therefore on the road on which it is located: the more you advance, the more tokens you will obtain.

Tokens are required to open Dungeons. You will find them everywhere during your exploration (cellars, caves, Pokémon tower, Manor etc…) and will have to pay an entrance fee in Dungeon Tokens to be able to enter them. It is very important to do the dungeons several times (to the Boss or not) in order to capture Pokémon that can only be found there. If you want to get Legendaries for example, they are often as Dungeon Bosses.

  • Get Dungeons Tokens easily : capture Pokémon on your way (it is not enough to knock them out, the capture must succeed)
  • This is why it is important to configure your Ballstop left of the screen: Even if you already have the Pokémon in your Pokédex, make sure to always capture the Pokémon

Pokéclicker: Techniques to get even more Dungeon Tokens

Like any resource in the game, there are special items to boost the obtaining of dungeon tokens. Always keep catching Pokemon but here are some other techniques:

  • There are routes for each region where the Token Farm is much more optimized : Route 20 to Kanto / Route 26 to Johto / Route 134 to Hoenn / Route 201 to Sinnog / Route 8 to Unys / Route 2 to Kalos and Route 4 to Alola
  • Remember to equip the object (Oak Item) called magic ball (top right of the screen): it improves the capture rate and therefore obtains more Dungeon Token
  • In the box on the left, below the Balls, you will find the Battle Items. One of them, called Collector Token, allows you to get more Dungeon Token once activated (+50%). You can buy some at the store in Pewter City.



The various lists list all of the codes availableor who have been, classified according to their date of appearance on the survival mobile game, Pokeclicker. These codes allow you to recover various resources that will help you evolve in Pokeclicker.

If some of the codes offered are no longer functional, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list.


  • 10,000 farm points and 100 Cheri berries → FARMINGBOOST
  • A Random Shiny Pokemon → OOOSHINY


  • No Pokéclicker codes have yet expired.


To activate a code in Pokéclicker, you just have to launch the game. Once done, go to the “StartMenu” section located at the top right of your screen. Then click on “Save”which will open a window where you can enter one of the codes present in the list . Once a coded entered, press ” Claim! to get your bonus. A window will appear telling you what you have recovered, thanks to this coded.

Pokéclicker: Pokémon to buy or find in eggs

Completing your Pokédex is essential in Pokéclicker to access the following regions. But some Pokémon don’t appear in the wild, and no matter how hard you farm the roads, you’ll never get them. That’s because you have to buy them with your Quests Points, or get lucky with your eggs. In short, quite a nice program.

Pokeclicker dungeon tokens, how to get them?

Where to farm dungeon tokens in Pokecliker?

If you wish to have dungeon tokens, you need to capture a Pokémon for the first time or capture a Pokémon again that you already have in your list. As a reminder, to recapture one of these creatures, you need click on the Pokéball under the text Caught ” and select the object you want to use. It should be noted that some areas are more interesting than others to earn a maximum of dungeon points and here are the interesting places for each map.

  • Kantō : Highway 20
  • Jotho : Route 26
  • Hoenn : Highway 134
  • sinnoh : Road 201 and 202
  • Unova : Route 3, Route 8 and Route 18
  • Kalos : Road 2
  • Alola : Road 4

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