Several cases of Escherichia coli were discovered in children in a daycare in Toulouse. Closed for more than ten days, the establishment should reopen on Wednesday November 22, 2023.

New cases of E. Coli in children. The Minimes crèche in Toulouse had to close its doors last week, reveals France 3 Occitanie. Cases of Escherichia coli have been recorded in several children.

The first symptoms were reported on Friday November 10. Several children were infected and quickly the nursery was closed by the services of the Toulouse town hall and the CCAS.

Some children in intensive care units

In total, 54 children may have fallen ill. Some of them were seriously injured and others were hospitalized, some in intensive care units. But overall, the children are doing well.

A cleaning was carried out in the nursery by specialized teams who took samples. The nursery should reopen from this Wednesday, November 22. “No malfunction was noted,” explains Laurence Katzenmayer, assistant in charge of early childhood and nurseries at Toulouse town hall, to our colleagues.

Before reopening, screenings were carried out on all children and families as well as nursery staff. “ Everyone is negativewhich led us to make the decision to reopen,” she said.

For the moment, we do not know where the contamination comes from. It would not come from the food because the analyzes remained blank. Additionally, the children did not eat the same things.

Unusual increase in the number of children since 2022

E. Coli is a fecal bacteria that can cause serious digestive problems. Symptoms may include abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. The infection regularly comes from food poisoning according to the Pasteur Institute.

In 2019, the presence of Escherichia coli in Occitanie was 12.6% in urinary samples in Occitanie. It is the most affected region behind Paca (19.6% of samples) and Ile-de-France (15.3).

In children, since February 2022, an unusual increase has been observed. For example, as of February 24, 2022, 13 children were already affected, including one child who had died. Usually, there are between 100 and 165 children infected per year, indicates Santé sur le net.

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