At the end of last week, we discovered that Electronic Arts could be working on a Skate 4, before learning last night that the game could be developed with the collaboration of Tony Hawk, who no longer works on behalf of ‘Activision. But now all this news which had increased the pressure in the hearts of fans of the simulation has just been seriously undermined by EA itself.

Taking advantage of the presentation of its latest financial report, the American giant made it clear that for the moment, no development of Skate 4 had started. This announcement therefore suggests that the teasing was done before the development of the title. Information that also seems to be corroborated by Tony Hawk’s statements, since he simply indicated be at the very beginning of negotiations for its partnership with an unannounced Skate game.

If the historic star of the discipline takes part in Electronic Arts’ new project, it is a safe bet that the studio will wait until it has acquired his participation before starting work on it.

EA confirms they are not currently developing Skate 4 – (EA Financial Call)

— shinobi602 (@shinobi602) January 31, 2017

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