EA FC 24: Leaks show upcoming UT promotion called Radiocative


EA FC 24: Leaks show upcoming UT promotion called Radiocative

The next Ultimate Team promo has been leaked. According to various sources, it will be called Radioactive. Check out all the potential players who could be included and what the new card design looks like.

Radioactive EA FC 24 1

EA is shaking up FC 24 and its weekly events. After the release of the new Thunderstruck players and icons, we get another brand new campaign in Ultimate Team. According to the leaks the next FUT promo is called Radioactive and will be live and in packs starting Friday at 6 p.m. GMT/1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

Check out all the leaked Radioactive players and who might be on the roster, plus the card designs. We can’t help but wonder why EA would release a radioactive card game when Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons at the start of the war in Ukraine.

EA FC 24 Radioactive: Leaks show upcoming maps in Ultimate Team

Although the full team with all players has not yet been released, some names and the design of the cards can already be seen before the official release. Leaker @FUT_scoreboard first showed off the potential design of the card.

This is the map design without a player

If you want to use it, you can find it in the link below https://t.co/kDAQ5bCJjd pic.twitter.com/dTK8Wp1aNX

– Fut Scoreboard (@Fut_scoreboard) November 27, 2023

Meanwhile, player names and potential ratings are already available. We collect the most reliable leaks and show you all the players who are supposed to get a radioactive card.

RWB Przemysław Frankowski RC objective 85
R.B. Nousair Mazraoui FC Bayern 85
CB Nicholas Milenkovic Fiorentine 86
CAM Dominic Szoboszla Liverpool FC 87
L.W. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia SSC Napoli 87
CDM N’Golo Kante Al-Ittihad 88
FC Karim Benzema Al-Ittihad 91
FC Lionel Messi InterMiami 92

The player leaks seem a bit strange this time, as it would be odd for EA to release two players for Al Ittihad in the same campaign – but the leaks are still believable and realistic. As soon as more players are disclosed by reliable sources, you will find them here.

New developments and strange name for a FUT campaign in EA FC 24

In addition to a card game, we can also expect new Evolution locations and ways to improve our players. According to @DonkTrading, it will have its own unique design, like the Centurion Evos.

Radioactive DEVELOPMENTS are coming

Will have its own design just like the Centurions Evos

Be sure to follow for more! @DonkTrading

Who do you want to upgrade?? pic.twitter.com/XzrmS78oZ3

– Donk (@DonkTrading) November 28, 2023

We’ve already talked about the rather strange concept and name. Don’t get us wrong, it certainly looks cool, but we’re not sure it’s appropriate given the current state of the world. Remember that in the summer of 2023, Putin began threatening to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Maybe they’ll call the campaign something else… It seems strange to be looking for radioactive maps, because it’s not usually a positive topic of conversation – just look at Oppenheimer or Chernobyl and decide for yourself- although it’s a good name for an Ultimate Team campaign.

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