Electronic Arts announced today that FIFA 16, the preview of which we recently published, was going to offer new ways to play its two most popular modes, namely FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and Career mode. Indeed, FIFA Ultimate Team is now enriched with FUT Draft mode, a brand new feature that allows users to test their team building skills and play with the best footballers on the planet. In addition, this season, Career mode presents two of the options most requested by users: on the one hand, off-season competitions, and on the other, player training, which will bring even more richness and realism to virtual careers as a coach or professional player.

With FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, users can compete in a four-match single-elimination competition to earn rewards, either solo or online. The more victories you have, the more important the rewards you can use for your FUT club become. Once users participate in the Draft using virtual credits, FIFA points or a Draft token, they must choose one of the five proposed devices, then designate a captain and finally assign the other 23 positions of their team with, for each position, a choice to be made among five players. Before being able to play matches, choices will have to be made by prioritizing the technical quality of the players, but also the collective.

David Rutter, vice president and executive producer of the game said:

“This season, we are offering a level of richness and innovation never before reached in the franchise by offering users new ways to play Career and Ultimate Team modes, but also by offering twelve international women’s teams. We think users will be just as excited to experience these new ways to play as the gameplay of FIFA 16. By testing the game around the world, we received a lot of positive feedback on its balance and richness. »

In Career mode, thanks to off-season competitions, coaches can increase their transfer budget and physically prepare their players for the many challenges of the coming season. They will thus be able to select three competitions among the nine offered in the off-season before diving into their national championship. Player training is also a valuable tool for the progression of young players and starters between matches. Users will have at their disposal a range of more than 30 exercises that they can offer to a maximum of five players to improve their level more quickly. This opens up new possibilities in terms of play, especially for coaches looking to develop their young talents in order to transfer them to other clubs.

With FIFA 16, Electronic Arts wants to innovate everywhere in terms of playability, notably with contactless dribbling and surgical finishing, two new features which offer the possibility of creating magical moments in attack. For better balance with attackers, defenders now move as a unit with new placements. Additionally, their movements have been improved with 25 innovations that allow them to stay in contact with attackers and build confidence on defense. But the biggest innovation has undoubtedly been made in midfield, where matches are won and lost. FIFA 16 notably encourages users to take control in the midfield thanks to the intelligent passing game and the intelligence of Interception, two features announced as revolutionary which make the fight for possession of the ball and the balance of the game even more gratifying. The behavior of goalkeepers has also been improved with new animations on saves and more realistic placement, according to the publisher.

The all-new FIFA Trainer allows everyone to improve their level of play with a new integrated optional training system that uses the context of a match to provide options to the user. These options evolve in parallel with the level of the trainer which can be adjusted automatically or manually.

Are you attracted by the announcement of this new feature?

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