Earthworm Jim is making a comeback, but it’s not a game

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Earthworm Jim is making a comeback, but it’s not a game

90s youth remember the groovy exploits of the space worm, Earthworm Jimespecially on Mega Drive. Doug TenNapel’s creation has had several more or less successful sequels and adaptations over time, and its success has even propelled it to television, in the USA only, in a animated series in 1995.

The character will return again soon in a new animated TV series via Interplay, which owns the rights. A first video featuring Jim’s character design and story has been unearthed on a special site named and that could be the subtitle of this series. Jim also explains that he has aged a bit and that there are other characters to shed light onbut that he will remain the star of his show…

According to exclusive information from varietythis new adaptation is a will of Interplay which has just created an entertainment division in order to propose TV and cinema concepts for its license. Yes, cinema too.

The director and screenwriter K. Michel Parandi will be in charge of the project:

I remember loving ‘Earthworm Jim’ as a kid. And there is so much potential in the universe of this story: a galaxy full of animals fighting for power.? Jim is an earthworm in a universe where Earth is nothing more than a myth. His struggle to find meaning is surreal and comedic, but it’s also relatable.

Unfortunately for now, no trace of a possible sequel to the series of games. Regarding the series, we do not know not yet if it will also be broadcast in France and on which platform.

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