Édouard Philippe proposes regularization “quotas” “to reassure those who fear conscription”

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Édouard Philippe proposes regularization “quotas” “to reassure those who fear conscription”

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The former prime minister spoke about the immigration bill in an interview with JDD, calling on LR deputies not to obstruct. Asked about the Crépol drama, he also deplored “a new form of anti-White racism”.

Former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe proposed on Sunday to set “quotas» of regularizations for undocumented workers working in professions in shortage, while considering that the bill on immigration debated on Monday in the National Assembly does not constitute “a call of air» migratory.

“ I will never support any text that would constitute a call for air. We must face reality. This article (of the bill, editor’s note) has none of that, it aims to try to find a solution for a certain number of foreigners in an irregular situation, who actually carry out jobs that we need and who do not pose a problem. No problem. no public order problem», observes Édouard Philippe in an interview with Sunday newspaper (JDD) .

“ To reassure those who fear a slowdown, quotas could be put in place. We can set a limit on the number of regularizations. There are already guarantees in the text, others can be added” , he keeps on. This clause on the regularization of undocumented workers in professions in shortage is one of the hardest points of the discussion on the immigration bill carried by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin.

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The right and the far right are fiercely opposed to it while the left of the Macronist majority wants the text to include a regularization system. In this interview with JDD, Édouard Philippe affirms that his Horizons party unambiguously supports the bill. “ I would like to express my full support for the text proposed by Gérald Darmanin” , he said.

Anti-white racism

“ This corresponds exactly to what I believe and what I have defended since my time at Matignon. We must regain control of our immigration and fight against fait accompli immigration” , he adds. The bill will be discussed in the National Assembly chamber from Monday. The debates are expected to last at least until Christmas.

In this long interview, Édouard Philippe also focused on the question of Islam in France, a subject addressed in his recently published book Places that say. “ If Islam itself does not manage to get rid of its demons, then I fear a movement which would call into question the balances resulting from our secularism.», affirms the former prime minister who underlines the “literal reading of the Quran“.

Asked specifically about the issue of the Crépol drama, Édouard Philippe denounced the “racism” , notably ” anti-white», quoting Péguy on this occasion. “ Concerning racism, as Péguy said, “we must say what we see, but above all we must see what we see”. (…) It is very possible that there is a new form of anti-White racism” , he said.

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Édouard Philippe proposes regularization “quotas” “to reassure those who fear conscription” - 1

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