The Prime Minister exchanges this Wednesday with the partisans of the independence of this archipelago of the South Pacific and those of its maintenance in the French Republic.

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“I want this moment to mark a step forward in writing a new page in the history of New Caledonia within the Republic”declared Wednesday, September 6 in the afternoon the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, before a meeting with the partisans of the independence of this archipelago of the South Pacific and those of its maintenance in the French Republic.

“The status quo is neither possible nor desirable. Nobody wants it, so we have to move on.”also declared the head of government in her speech preceding these exchanges at the Ministry of the Interior and Overseas. “Together, our mission is to find a point of balance”, she also spoke about the right to self-determination. The two camps have not exchanged directly on the future of New Caledonia since the referendum of December 12, 2021 won by the “no” to independence, contested by the separatists who did not participate.

It’s a turning point

Louis Mapou, President of the Caledonian Government

on franceinfo

On Wednesday, the president of the Caledonian government, Louis Mapou (independenceist), welcomed a “turning”, before the exchanges between the executive. so far, “we were rather in the making, in a form of wait-and-see attitude where we gauged ourselves”he observes.

Louis Mapou is however skeptical about the outcome of these exchanges, and the prospect of a possible agreement between the two parties. “I’m not sure (that an agreement will be reached), I’m not directly in the discussions. It’s a lot heavier than that.”he explains. “When the President of the Republic asks us to engage in what he calls the “path of forgiveness”, it is heavy. It is not tonight that we will be able to find the forms of possible outcome of a subject that is historical.he points out.

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