Embark on a Fantastical Journey: “The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie” Hits Nintendo Switch


Embark on a Fantastical Journey: “The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie” Hits Nintendo Switch

“The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie” makes its grand entrance on Nintendo Switch today. To celebrate the game’s highly-anticipated release, NIS America presents an evocative launch trailer of this engrossing RPG.

Enjoy a snapshot of the game and its launch trailer here:

Immerse in a Mosaic of Destinies with the Crossroads System

What fate holds for our three pivotal characters? Leverage the unique Crossroads system to alternate between Rean Schwarzer, Lloyd Bannings, and the enigmatic “C.” As you navigate through the mystical world of Zemuria, you shape the destiny of crucial characters and regions. Engage in enhanced tactical combat with innovative features like the United Front, and unveil new allies and obstacles within the echoing halls of the True Reverie Corridor!

A Tale of Intertwined Destinies Awaits

The grand finale of “The Legend of Heroes” series brings together the intertwined destinies of three stalwarts in Zemuria. Trace the steps of war hero Rean Schwarzer, freedom fighter Lloyd Bannings, and the mysterious “C”. Seamlessly shift between their storylines with the Crossroads system.

Lloyd Bannings, head of the Crossbell Police Department’s Special Support Section, once again fights for his city’s liberty when the joyous independence celebrations of Crossbell are marred by the sudden resurgence of an old nemesis.

Post the tumultuous events of the Great Twilight, Erebonian hero Rean Schwarzer and his pupils return to the tranquil life at the branch campus. However, their transient peace is shattered by the arrival of a looming threat.

As the ex-governor general of Crossbell resurfaces and stakes claim over the city-state, four individuals undertake a covert mission to scrutinize his motives. Leading them is “C,” an incognito figure who seemingly uses the same codename as the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front. But why?

Highlighted Features

Unravel Three Tiers of Tales: Immerse yourself in three diverse story arcs and transition between them at will with the Crossroads system. Additionally, delve into side episodes to comprehensively explore the characters and the expansive world of Zemuria.

Dream Merges with Reality: Step into the enigmatic True Reverie Corridor, allowing you to meet and enlist characters from all over Zemuria, take on random dungeon challenges to hone your skills, and participate in a plethora of mini-games.

Battle Strategy Supreme: Implement Arts, Brave Orders, and strategic maneuvers to gain an upper hand in combat. Master the revolutionary United Front system to leverage your team’s collective strength, demolishing adversaries and boosting your own abilities.

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