“Without having a uniform, we can say ‘you put on jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket’”, argued the head of state in an interview on the YouTube channel HugoDécrypte.


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Everyone dressed the same at school? Emmanuel Macron spoke on Monday September 4 in favor of “experiences” And one ” assessment “ to wear a school uniform, pronouncing on his side rather for a “unique outfit”, “much more acceptable for teenagers”. “Without having a uniform, you can say ‘you put on jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket’”he argued in an interview on Youtubeur HugoDécrypte’s channel. “The issue of unique dress is in my opinion more acceptable, may seem a little less strict from a disciplinary point of view”added the President of the Republic.

During this interview, Emmanuel Macron also spoke on other subjects concerning the school. The Head of State thus declared himself in favor of the perpetrators of cyberbullying being ” far ” social networks “for the next six months” an administrative or judicial conviction, and “twelve months in the event of a recurrence”. Emmanuel Macron has also set himself the goal of seeing all middle school students in France plant a tree, starting this year in sixth grade.

“A minority challenges secularism”

On the banning of the abbey at school, Emmanuel Macron mentioned the terrorist attacks and the assassination of Samuel Paty to explain the context. “We also live in our society with a minority, people who, hijacking a religion, come to challenge the Republic and secularism”, said the head of state. Relaunched by the youtubeur HugoDécrypte, Emmanuel Macron declared : “I do not make any parallel” between acts of terrorism and the dress of young Muslim girls. “I’m just telling you that the issue of secularism in our school is a deep issue. »

Finally, the Head of State also said he was in favor of the creation of a “Pass Rail” at a single price in the French regions which are in favor of it, on the model of that which has been set up in Germany.

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