The President of the Republic declared on July 4 that he wanted the families of the offenders to be financially sanctioned. A measure advocated by the right and rejected by the left.

“It would be necessary that at the first offense, we manage to financially and easily sanction the families” of the offenders, declared this July 4 Emmanuel Macron. Remarksformulated during a night trip during which the president met agents of the Anti-Crime Squad (Bac).

Without attacking family allowances, Emmanuel Macron says he wants to introduce “a kind of minimum tariff from the first bullshit”, a measure recommended on the right for a long time.

The right claims the paternity of the measure

However, the president clarified that he did not plan to touch family allowances, preferring a sort of tariff fine.

While the boss of Medef estimates the cost of the riots for companies at one billion euros, the National Rally has stepped up and its president Jordan Bardella declared on July 3 to the microphones of BFMTV: “It’s not for the French pay the damage. And to add that it is now necessary to “suspend family allowances and social allowances to the parents of repeat minors”. A statement surprisingly less brutal than that of the Head of State, since it targets repeat offenders and not a first offense, as envisaged by Emmanuel Macron. The RN has also officially communicated in favor of this measure and launched a petition.

At Les Républicains, the president of the party, Éric Ciotti, meanwhile bounced back on the president’s remarks by suggesting “the abolition of family allowances for parents of absent and delinquent children”. A text repealed under the five-year term of François Hollande.

For his part, the related LR deputy, Meyer Habib, took Tunisia and Morocco as an example on Radio J, declaring that there, “it is not done because people are afraid, there is the firmness of power” .

? There is no reason for the French to stand in solidarity with the parents of repeat minors, and pay for repairs of THEIR damage.

Sign our petition to demand an end to allowances for parents of repeat minors ??

— National Rally (@RNational_off) July 3, 2023

Reluctance in the center, categorical refusal on the left

The Renaissance deputy for Moselle Ludovic Mendes spoke out against a financial penalty for the parents, opposing the President of the Republic.

The PS regional councilor of Occitanie and former deputy Sébastien Denaja denounced for his part a measure which would deepen social inequalities.

La France insoumise protests for its part against a measure perceived as going against the appeasement desired by the president. MEP Manon Aubry evokes a measure that would affect “the portfolio of already ultra-precarious families”.

Lépine contest of commercial coffee bullshit: What if we abolished the tax loopholes for darons whose well-educated offspring buy their cocaine and other narcotics from young dealers whose allowances to parents will have been abolished.

— Sebastien Denaja (@SebastienDenaja) July 4, 2023

Tools already exist for this. SamaGameted representatives of several towns have practiced the abolition of social aid for the families of young people convicted of delinquency at the municipal level. This is the case of several cities held by Les Républicains, such as Valence in Drôme and Étampes in Essonne.

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