Emmanuel Macron will speak this Monday at 1 p.m. from Nouméa, four days after the announcement of the reshuffle

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Emmanuel Macron will speak this Monday at 1 p.m. from Nouméa, four days after the announcement of the reshuffle

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Emmanuel Macron will be interviewed this Monday in the 1 p.m. news of TF1 and France 2 from Nouméa in New Caledonia.

Emmanuel Macron will give an interview on Monday July 24 to the 1 p.m. television news of TF1 and France 2, from Noumea where he is traveling, the channels announced in a press release on Saturday.

This interview comes after the Thursday reshuffle of part of the government, and after the Head of State drew up Friday in the preamble to the Council of Ministers an initial assessment of the “100 days” decreed after the highly disputed pension crisis.

Eight new ministers

The president is due to fly away on Sunday for a week in Oceania, with stopovers in New Caledonia, then in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. He has just completed a long political streak in France, after having left the suspense hanging for several weeks over the maintenance of “Élisabeth Borne” at Matignon, to whom he finally renewed his “confidence” “with clarity”.

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The opportunity to send a warning to his ministers on Friday, to whom he asked to be “exemplary” and above all to bring “efficiency” rather than “talking to the post office”. Because for him, “a good part of the democratic crisis is linked to the fact that decisions do not arrive quickly enough in the lives of our compatriots”.

On the “100 days”, supposed to bring “appeasement” to the country after the pension crisis, the head of state drew up a positive assessment of several major axes such as work, republican order or public services. With a “clear course” in watermark, he affirms, “that of the independence of the country”, thus declining his mantra around the sovereignty of France.

A “demanding framework” in terms of public finances

But he was also confronted at the end of June – beginning of July with several nights of urban riots, following the death of young Nahel, killed by a policeman in Nanterre. In this regard, Macron renewed his promise to provide “in-depth answers”, in reference to the start of the school year.

As the summer break looms, and a last Council of Ministers on Wednesday by videoconference before the start of this exercise on August 23, the executive has yet to put the finishing touches to the presentation of its “ecological planning”, which will be unveiled at the end of August. But the main challenge ahead of us is the preparation of the budget, a challenge that is as much technical as it is political. The president has already warned that in terms of public finances, the “framework” would be “demanding” and that “order” would prevail.

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