Endless Space is a software that allowed Studio Amplitude to rub shoulders with the biggest players with a game that surprised many people. After a first episode which met with some success, the developer released the sequel awaited by many PC players. And it is without a little smile that we will plunge into the heart of the galaxy to follow the life of a conqueror.

This is man’s task: to conquer space and sanctify time.

Even if the game does not offer a real story, it offers a relatively well-written background for the different factions of the galaxy. The title takes up the solid foundations provided by the first opus while improving and adding a lot of points.
The 4X genre being well represented on PC, you have to know how to stand out, and it’s not always easy for an independent to stand out from the crowd. But Amplitude manages to bring out something unique in its title.

Amplitude manages to bring out something unique in its title

On the one hand the game can boast of having interesting factions to play, each of them has nuances that make the difference and develop differently. Something that becomes particularly captivating if you dig a little deeper into the gameplay, which at first glance can be intimidating, but which is ultimately relatively simple to learn.
Of course that’s not all, the player, once immersed in the merciless world of exploration, will have to deal very quickly with other factions who will react in different ways to your presence and your actions. Despite everything, there remain some factions that are too classic, which is damaging.

Beyond the basic factions of which there are 8, you will also come across minor factions which occupy planets, and which also have their own vision concerning you. If you like them, you will even be able to integrate them into your system.

Of course to manage all this you will have to deal with diplomacy. This aspect of the game is not left out, and we took great pleasure in convincing our neighbors of our good intentions and building lasting links. But be careful, all friendships are fragile, and it doesn’t take much to break alliances with bad choices. This is where the system becomes addictive because it invites the player to be more political and oratorical..
And finally you will also have to deal with your own kingdom and its internal factions vying for power. And it’s as diverse as French political parties. You will find a choice of ecologists, surely vegan and wanting the preservation of everything that moves and does not move, militarists, who lose their temper at the slightest sign of conflict, scientists who would sell their parents to study the slightest molecule found, And so on. Everyone wants their share of the pie, and obviously as emperor, it’s up to you to support the party that suits you. But while all of this is captivating, there remains one concern that the militarist party is climbing faster than other groups. As a result, we sense a fairly artificial side that would be good to balance.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

The game has a very large part of exploration, and for that, there is no miracle recipe, you will have to climb into your ship and visit neighboring systems! Simple but also potentially exhilarating and dangerous. You may also discover new resources, new planets to colonize or simply pirates who are not very careful about the merits of your presence. Because with them everything happens with loss and crash.

As you will have understood, you will very quickly have to expand your empire by colonizing other solar systems, but it will not always be easy, the planet will already have to be viable, or if necessary that you have the appropriate technology to initiate terraforming.
You can imagine that basic colonization is not enough, it will be necessary to develop the planet and increase the population. On the one hand by choosing a specialty, and on the other hand by building infrastructure that will help development. And rest assured, there is plenty to do with the plethora of construction options available.
As for your whip-fed scientists, they will dedicate themselves body and soul to finding you the latest technologies that will help you in your task.

There’s plenty to do with the plethora of building options available

And the time comes when you have to make the powder speak, the premises of the war which were already whistling on the outskirts of your empire and you must act. Build fleets, improve them and fight battles worthy of a Macross in a chaos of sound and light. The system remains the same as in the previous episode, with a “cutscene” that stages the fight, allowing you to freely visit the battlefield without worrying about strategy. Even if it doesn’t seem very exciting, the clashes have their charms. During these clashes, the AI ​​manages to surprise us in advanced difficulty modes.
Of course we won’t deny that most of the time you will end up skipping skirmishes, because it must be admitted, being a spectator is not as thrilling as being an actor.

This is all well and good, but what about multiplayer? Well classic, solid overall but classic, there is not much to say on the subject, it does not reinvent the online genre, and suffers from quite annoying desynchronizations.

Most :
  • An excellent 4X
  • Rich and deep gameplay
  • An interesting AI
  • Very well written factions
  • A well-thought-out interface
The lessers :
  • Some factions too classic
  • Multiplayer spoiled by desynchronization
  • A combat system that can be off-putting.
THE REVIEW OF THE Endless Space 2 TEST 17

Amplitute did a very good job. Endless Space 2 is the worthy successor to its big brother, and brings a lot of new features to players. A title that is intended to be easy to learn and particularly interesting when we go further into the game, thanks to a very careful political and diplomatic system. If the studio manages to correct the few missteps, we have an excellent 4X that will delight fans of the genre. Regardless, we also hope that the combat system will change direction a little, towards something more visceral, with a view to a 3rd opus.

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