In an exciting development for OneNote aficionados, Microsoft is upgrading the OneNote app’s capabilities on iPad. Announced officially through Microsoft’s blog, the addition of subscript and superscript functionalities will further enhance the experience of OneNote users on iPad devices. The inclusion of these elements can be conveniently accessed from the Home tab in the OneNote application.

Employing Subscript and Superscript in OneNote on Your iPad

To introduce subscript and superscript elements to your OneNote notebook, navigate to the Home tab. From there, you can select the More Formatting Options button. Furthermore, you can utilize specific keyboard shortcuts to effortlessly add these elements to your digital notebook. A simple command of Command + Shift + + (plus sign) on your keyboard introduces superscript, while the Command + + combination enables the addition of subscript. For users of external keyboards on their iPads, these shortcuts will prove incredibly useful for the quick inclusion of subscript and superscript.

The Vital Role of Superscript and Subscript in Note-Taking

If you’re wondering what these enhancements bring to your note-taking, superscripts and subscripts are characters that feature prominently in formulas, mathematical expressions, footnotes, symbols, chemical compounds, and more. These characters slightly offset from the usual line – above for superscript and below for subscript. For instance, in the mathematical rendition of Einstein’s E=mc² formula, “2” is a superscript. Particularly for students utilizing OneNote on their iPads for notetaking, these subscript and superscript additions will significantly streamline their note-making process.

Extending Superscript and Subscript Support across Microsoft 365

This beneficial feature isn’t only limited to the OneNote app. Subscript and superscript functionality is also integrated into other Microsoft 365 applications, such as Microsoft Word. However, to access them on OneNote for iPad, users need to be Microsoft 365 Insiders running OneNote Version 2.75 (Build 23070301) or a later version. But fear not, this feature will not remain an Insiders-exclusive for long. Microsoft plans to expand subscript and superscript support to all OneNote users on iPad by August this year.

Downloading OneNote on Your iPad

You can effortlessly install the OneNote app on your iPad by visiting the App Store. We’re eager to know if these updates, particularly the integration of subscript and superscript functionality, will enhance your OneNote experience on iPad. Feel free to share your thoughts and potential benefits you see from these features in the comments section.

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