The arrival of season 2 of Diablo 4 has created a small revival of interest for fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s famous hack’n’slash. For this season 2, the season of blood, I have prepared this little guide for you to equip yourself well and optimize looting. Let me walk you through the Sanctuary dungeons and show you how you can get high-end gear even with a relatively low level character.

A look at Seeker caches

If you’re a regular at the Vampire Blood Harvest event, you’ve probably noticed the appearance of these Seeker caches. They are symbolized by a specific icon and a blue-green color on the map.

These caches are a godsend for under-equipped players. As such, it is possible to open them with Seeker Keys, which drop randomly in areas and from Blood Seeker elites. Once opened, these caches can deliver two ancestral items of Vos, without having to fight a single enemy.

Another benefit of these Seeker Keys is that they persist across game difficulties. So you get them while you level a character from level 1 to 50, then use them to access higher world levels, up ‘at 4.

Enjoy the Blood Harvest event

The Blood Harvest event is a great way to equip yourself quickly. In particular, adding lures can trigger a massive event with many elites and Blood Seekers, and therefore a lot of loot. Well, this requires several players to spend 50 units of blood. Once you gain some character power, you can use this stratagem to get higher quality gear faster.

Know the boss loot table

Max Roll, the reference site for Diablo fans, offers a boss loot table particularly useful. Each boss has its own individual loot chart, if you’re looking for specific unique items for your build, target certain bosses in particular. The frequency of unique item spawns has been significantly reduced in Season 2, so focus your efforts precisely.

Enjoy bumps in a group

World bosses are another source of high-quality loot. In addition to providing high-tier items, they offer the chance to obtain unique items specific to their loot table. Taking on these bosses in groups increases the number of prizes you can obtain. Even if only one person brings the materials needed to summon a boss, four people can benefit from it. It’s an effective way to equip yourself quickly and cost-effectively.

Sell ​​your surplus items

You can sell your surplus items to get additional gold income. On the site The Crimson Marketpost your screenshots of your items and add a price.

Gearing up for Diablo 4 Season 2 seems intimidating at first, but with these strategies in hand, you’ll save yourself plenty of time. Whether by opening sea caches, taking advantage of the Blood Harvest event, targeting specific bosses, or selling your surplus items, you are now ready to dive into the Diablo 4 universe and take full advantage of everything season 2 has to offer. Happy demon hunting, and may the best loot be with you!

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