A council’s education teaching materials amount to ‘soft ’, a representative of a women’s rights organization says, after the council was forced to withdraw some of its teaching materials recommended.

Documents seen by MailOnline relating to the lessons included the controversial ‘Genderbread man’ – which shows that a person’s gender identity, gender expression and anatomical are different things.

The lessons, recommended in Swindon Borough Council’s Relationships and Education curriculum, explained that is ‘assigned’ at birth.

Caroline Ffiske of Conservatives for Women, a right-wing group that opposes trans rights in single- spaces, told MailOnline that some of the resources amounted to ‘soft ’.

She said: “In the hands of children who are too young, some of these images do indeed become soft .

‘So this is where we have to come to. These images are sexual and early sexualization harms children, erodes boundaries and destroys innocence. Now we are normalizing the sharing of sexual images by “trusted adults” with children.

The documents also promoted the controversial ‘Genderbread man’ – which shows that a person’s gender identity, gender expression and anatomical are different things.

The pack included a map of a ‘gender galaxy’ – where gender expression is said to have ‘endless possibilities’ and assigned is separated and divided from gender identity

The councils also gave schoolchildren tips on how to make a dental dam – which is used for oral

“The fact that teachers and board staff cannot see this shows how unsustainable this program has become.

‘Maybe it’s time to shut it down; let parents manage these sensitive and important conversations; and that the schools return to their main mission.

But now the council has backtracked on its teaching plans – pulling the support pack out of circulation and awaiting further government guidance.

A spokesperson for Swindon Borough Council said: ‘Swindon Borough Council has removed the CSR Curriculum Support Pack which has been produced and the link for schools is no longer available.

“The Department of Education is currently consulting on further guidance for schools, which the Board will consider once received. »

In addition to a diagram of a Genderbread person, the pack included a map of a “gender galaxy” – where gender expression is said to have “endless possibilities” and assigned is separate and divided from gender. gender identity.

The second system has 10 different planets, but a note at the bottom encourages children to: “create your own planet (comet or moon!)”.

The councils also gave schoolchildren tips on how to make a dental dam – which is used for oral .

And other parts of the pack gave advice on how to apply condoms used for in the rectum.

It is not stated that advice on condoms or dental dams is given to young children.

In the pack, schools were supposed to encourage children as young as 11 to make models of their genitals, organs and bodily fluids from supermarket products in gender-questioning classes. ravaged by parents.

In class plans seen by MailOnline, teachers were asked to divide children into two teams and give them items such as bananas, pears, nuts and hand lotion.

The youngsters – all in seventh grade – then had to fashion a , uterus, ___s and “prostate fluid” from the ingredients.

Advice included detailed diagrams of sexual anatomy

Council document suggests children as young as 11 should hear ‘chest tissue’ rather than ‘breasts’ from their teachers

This part of the lesson for 11 year olds had an element of making models out of food products

The lessons also encouraged children to “imagine they were a different gender” and what they would look forward to if they were that person.

And in perhaps the most concerning part of the curriculum, teachers were urged not to use the term “.”

The document insisted that “the term chest tissue can be used interchangeably as this language recognizes that trans or non-binary people may have negative feelings towards their breasts.”

Peter Williams, director of the Family Education Trust, said some education lessons in schools were becoming unsafe.

He told MailOnline: ‘The growing evidence that this type of material relating to sexuality and ‘gender’ is being exposed to children in schools through CSR education is deeply disturbing and appalling.

“Explicit content reported by very understandably indignant and concerned parents normalizes sexual behavior in children, shattering their natural innocence and reluctance to such activity and potentially leaving them open to peer abuse and even grooming by adults. .

“Equally disturbing is the presence of gender ideology in this same teaching, which also seeks to present identity dysphoria linked to ‘transgenderism’ as ordinary, and to encourage children at a vulnerable stage of their development towards an understanding of self which later can have life changing and even life ruining consequences.

“All of this shows how the ideology prevalent under the guide of CSR outweighs an appropriate concern for safeguarding and betrays the duty of care of schools to children in the process. » There needs to be full transparency and a much fuller engagement with parents and guardians before this material is shown to their children, a related right for them to object to any inappropriate material or to remove their children from all CSRs, and empowerment of parents to fulfill their role as primary educators and caregivers.

Swindon Borough Council’s CSR scheme has been branded ‘unscientific’ by campaigners

Caroline Ffiske has warned that the material makes it easier for adults to share sexual images with children

The lesson plans come against a backdrop of reported incidents among children who had received educational materials.

Examples reportedly led to an eight-year-old autistic boy ‘jostling’ his own mother’s leg to ‘give her sperm for a baby’.

In another case, a mother claimed her seven-year-old daughter came home from school with an artwork of a teddy bear in bondage gear holding a heart that read: “Give me a spanking”.

The debate over the transparency of material used for CSR lessons has already been pushed through Parliament after Miriam Cates, MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge, introduced a private bill on ‘ education transparency’ in June. .

The bill, which is in second reading in Parliament, would create a legal obligation for English schools to share material used in and relationship education (RSE) lessons with parents, and would prevent schools from using unpublished material if produced by a third party. -part supplier.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: ‘The safety and well-being of children and young people is our top priority.

“Following reports of inappropriate material being used to teach relationships and education, the government has already proposed an urgent curriculum review and is considering introducing age ratings to ensure teaching material is appropriate.

“The Education Secretary has also written to schools to remind parents that parents have the right to view educational materials and that copyright law does not prevent a parent from viewing external resources on school premises. school. »

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