Capcom sets the stage for a new wave of content in Exoprimal, its online action game which pits hordes of dinosaurs against ultra-modern Exoskeletons from the Aibus company. Exoprimal Update 2 is scheduled for release October 18and it promises to be loaded with new features.

Exoprimal Update 2 includes:

Street Fighter 6 Collaboration: In this daring collaboration, the famous World Warriors from Street Fighter transform into Exoskeletons to embody Deadeye (Ryu), Zephyr (Guile) and Vigilant (Chun-Li). Players will also be able to wander the streets of Bikitoa Island wearing Street Fighter-themed cosmetics, such as emotes, Exoskeleton stickers, Comm Wheel stamps, and charms.

New final co-op mission : The Escape missions feature 10 Exo-combatants working hand in hand to escape a disastrous fate. In these simulated clashes, teams will need to secure areas of the map to power up their Exoskeletons, then use their upgraded armor to fend off hordes of dinosaurs and reach an extraction point.

New equipment: The hangar is enriched with two exciting new tools! Exo-combatants will have the choice between the Drone, which triggers a blinding explosion, and the Edge Strike, a deadly teleportation technique. In addition, the Season 2 Survival Pass reserves a range of new skins, emotes and other cosmetics.

New map: The Ocean Platform offers a completely new combat environment located on an offshore Hi-Xol site. This map features narrow passages and pronounced verticality, encouraging Exocombatants to adapt their equipment to this demanding terrain.

Seasonal events: Season 2 will feature double XP campaigns and special seasonal events, allowing Exofighters to earn festive skins, including pumpkins and Santa hats.

The event also had a surprise in store for players with the reveal of a Rathalos skin for the Murasame Exoskeleton, as well as a teaser for the Monster Hunter crossover planned in the third free update in January 2024.

let’s remember that Exoprimal is a cooperative and competitive online action game available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam). Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and Cloud will also be able to immerse themselves in this unique experience.

The game is available on AMAZON.FR, see this link.

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