Exoprimal Review – Mindless Dino-Culling With Some Fun Surprises

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Exoprimal Review – Mindless Dino-Culling With Some Fun Surprises

The revelation of exoprimal Capcom longtime perplexed and dinosaur crisis fans, and the full game continues to elicit a similar feeling. exoprimal players are sent to a futuristic setting with dinosaurs running amok, and the main story leaves a lot to be desired in the opening hours. Actually, Exoprimal gameplay is relatively basic as new exofighters get used to exosuits and slaughtering dinosaurs. Curiously, exoprimal manages to shine and impress with thrilling modes, thrilling dinosaur battles and addictive shooter later in a game.

Exoprimal The story is rather shallow at first as the player character waits for an interview for Aibius, the organization in charge of developing exoskeleton technology. The exofighters are about to investigate the island of Bikitoa, a desolate archipelago cut off from the outside world by Leviathan, a high-tech AI running Aibius. To make matters worse, a giant grid crashed into Bikitoa’s main hub, Tuvao City, and dinosaurs were seen spawning en masse. A crew of exofighters crash land on the island of Bikitoa, and the AI ​​sends the player back in time to 2040 to participate in “wargames” against other exofighters.

exoprimal: Refined and insane pleasure – Soul Kiwami

exoprimal is quick to get players into the action after a short tutorial introducing gunplay, exosuits, and abilities. The mischievous exofighter Magnum introduces the player to the basics of slaying dinosaurs in a wargame, but Leviathan unleashes a T-Rex to assert its dominance over the players field. After this introductory mission, players can tackle the main story via Dino Survival mode.

In Dino Survival, players engage in 5v5 PvE battles against dinosaurs with direct PvP confrontations. This mode provides the main gameplay loop of exoprimal with the choice to play as a tank, healer, or assault exosuits at any point in the match. At first, Dino Survival felt incredibly repetitive and off-putting with its basic approach to completing objectives. However, players who stick around and plod through the game’s first 10 hours may be pleasantly surprised.

Exoprimal the story gradually progresses as players complete matches and collect lost data, which unlocks additional cutscenes and lore at the Analysis Lab. Story cutscenes play out throughout Dino Survival, but the analytics lab offers some intriguing lore and dialogue that’s seriously engaging for a game that has a mediocre, gimmicky opening. Additionally, players will experience more variety through new dinosaur species, objectives, and modes after making enough progress.

Around the 40% mark in the main story, exoprimal Suddenly opens the floodgates with thrilling gameplay, an efficient customization system, and polished gunplay that becomes more fun after acquiring helpful exosuit upgrades. We were able to experience raid-like activities where up to 10 players team up to battle thousands of dinosaurs at once with powerful bosses in their wake. Capcom’s latest title manages to be both extremely polished and very enjoyable, but gamers need to commit and take the time to get to Exoprimal most engaging content.

An off-putting and dragging intro, but nonchalantly fun at the end – Aion

During its opening hours, exoprimal left me bored and desperate to put it down. At level 1 you have access to a game mode and you have to grind Dino Survival for hours. This mode pits your team of five against another team of five, each striving to beat the other to fend off waves of dinosaurs. You will fight Raptors, Pteranodons, Pachycephalosaurs and a Carnotaurus. For the next seven matches, this order remained exactly the same. It wasn’t until I reached level 8 that the order shifted and something new presented itself. At this point, I was quite content to throw in the towel and call it a day in the weird world of exoprimal. I wanted to throw my controller when I heard “Dinosaur Cull”. I’m glad I carried on, as the game is making huge progress after its opening hours.

exoprimal is much more fun than I expected. The wacky combination of a team-based shooter combined with wild dinosaur battles proved enjoyable, even though the opening hours were abysmal. Things really start to open up once you hit level 15, where new modes and dinosaurs unlock regularly. You will be constantly challenged with new waves and minimal repetitions. Dinosaurs you’ve seen before will return with new twists, such as the ability to spit poison at your squad. These last missions are particularly important when it comes to selecting and perfecting the different classes of exoprimalnicknamed Exosuits.

There are a total of over 10 different Exosuits available in the game. I enjoyed browsing through them and seeing which of them best suited my playstyle. Each is categorized into one of three categories: Assault, Tank, or Healer. They work extremely similar to the classes found in Surveillance, where your team must consist of multiple costume categories to work properly. While some of the classes seemed very uninspired and copied, I didn’t mind once I got into the meat of the game. There are many different abilities you can customize your Exosuit with, such as Rigs, which are attachments that you can modify. You can choose to go with a huge cannon on your shoulder, opt for a healing ring, or many other options. Each of the exosuits on offer also has a variety of unique abilities and weapons to use. Most are short or long range, so it takes a bit of strategy to fully utilize your Exosuit to the best of your abilities.

Looking back, it was hugely frustrating and a confusing choice given the amount of variety found in later levels. The progression system is frustrating, but once you hit the point of new content, matches are exciting and fresh every time. I stumbled upon a match out of nowhere where the final fight was against a burning tunnel with 1000 raptors coming out of it. I was shocked and it forced me to quickly pivot my team’s strategy on how we could ride out this wave. It’s very unfortunate that you can’t take on any of the exciting dinosaurs and challenges until much later in the game, but that’s something Capcom could easily end with a patch.

It’s amazing how refined the title is. Despite my grievances and the odd design decisions, exoprimal still has that coat of Capcom polish. The RE engine is put to work with hundreds of dinosaurs appearing on portals at once. It’s quite impressive to see how well the game performs. The gameplay is extremely polished, despite the repurposed classes you’ve seen in other multiplayer shooters. Not once did I run into a bug during my time with the game, and matches tended to be found in seconds at most.

Overall I think exoprimal has an exciting future if he plays his cards right. It’s a tough battle to win against players with a very hefty price tag of $60, but the game is available on Xbox Game Pass for gamers to try. It seems like the title would have benefited greatly from a free-to-play approach, but with a continuous stream of content, I see a future where the game has an active playerbase. While it’s insane, there’s enough foundation here to really have fun with exciting and fresh content updates.

This potential is also what disappoints me the most. It feels like it could have been a home run with combat structure and focus, but the focus went elsewhere when it should have had more time to cook. Either way, Capcom has some work to do to really justify this fun but mixed package as a $60 premium title.

“$60 multiplayer only…” – Rain Hikari

I remember seeing the exoprimal reveal the trailer and think, “Oh, cool! Land Defense Force with dinosaurs! With a wacky, futuristic setting, this game couldn’t have grabbed my attention any easier. I’m also a sucker for campy media, and with Capcom’s incredible recent track record, I was expecting a game that would impress me and leave me wanting more. Fortunately, exoprimal is more than mediocre and makes me want more.

Within the first two hours of startup exoprimal, I worried that the game would continue to be a dumb, repetitive experience. At first the game was boring, maybe because I didn’t understand what I was doing or why I was doing it. Without a single-player campaign, you have no choice but to repeatedly play multiplayer modes. A lack of a single-player mode is odd; however, they’re not the only company releasing full-priced multiplayer titles, so that’s somewhat excusable.

exoprimalcharacter similarities with Surveillance are striking, lacking in originality in their designs and roles. The aesthetic is futuristic but uninspired, as if Warframe and Anthem had a baby. The main playlist, Dino Survival, is similar to the player versus player versus environment Gambit game mode found in Destiny 2. Whether you win or lose exoprimalcompleting matches will gradually progress the plot and unlock new game modes for you to play.

Regarding the plot, exoprimal isn’t as interesting as I hoped for the way the game looks. Unfortunately, the story’s most exciting moments are rare, which is frustrating considering how many games you have to play to get by. After playing 15 games, exoprimal introduced me to new dinosaur variants and an awesome scene where a thousand raptors rain down from a dimensional rift without a single frame drop. Still, it took a while to get here, and I feared that was all the game would be.

Leviathan, an advanced artificial intelligence and the main villain of exoprimal, reminds you of your recent play history at the start of each match, which is a nice touch. This AI has a continuous presence within Exoprimal, leading you to your next objective, telling you if you lose during the match, congratulating you if you win, or roasting…

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