Experience the American Midwest at Elmecreek in Farming Simulator 2022


Experience the American Midwest at Elmecreek in Farming Simulator 2022

Have you always dreamed of settling in the american midwest? This is what offers you Elmcreek map. Its setting is rural, green and vintage, as we discover in this unreleased trailer:

You can evolve in more than 80 fields, all of different sizes and shapes. The game will also let you the possibility of creating more and this time in your image. That’s not all, the map also consists of a gas station, several small shops, residential areas and even a baseball stadium and a bowling alley.

As we know, this opus emphasizes the variety of activities offered to players in order to expand his empire. Greenhouses and beekeeping already made their debut last week, and thea new production line functionality will also allow you to exploit the many factories on the map.

Finally at Elmcreek you will discover hidden caves and gigantic canyons, the opportunity to gain height to admire the landscape. You can re-read our exclusive Gamescom preview.

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