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The affair caused a stir in Alsace as activists from the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion colored the Lauch river green to denounce the project to store toxic waste in the potash mines of Wittelsheim, with the mayor accusing them of having, by this action caused the death of fish. .

According to Estinction Rebellion, the project would cause heavy damage to French, Swiss and German water tables and could harm plant and animal species, which is why the movement wanted to have an impact and challenge the general public regarding the storage project. nearly 42,000 tonnes of toxic waste in the Wittelsheim potash mines. To do this, they dumped a fluorescent green dye into the waters of the Lauch River.

A dye that is harmless to biodiversity according to activists: “the dye used called fluorescein or uranine is completely harmless to living beings (humans, plants, animals). It is used in ophthalmology, fish farming and by cavers,” he assured. Monday. The mayor of the city of Colmar, however, spoke out in favor of residents who had observed dead fish in the fluorescent green water. “I was alerted by Colmar residents to the presence of dead fish in the Lauch following pollution caused by an environmental movement,” the councilor wrote on Facebook.

The link between the two has not been established but the city has already announced its intention to file a complaint following the action of Extinction Rebellion.

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