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Connecting subscribers, anonymized audience measurement, sending push notifications, monitoring breakdowns, highlighting our services: these tools are necessary for monitoring the activity of our services and for their proper functioning.

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Here are the different cookies and similar technologies included in this category:

  • Authentication cookies : connection of subscribers.
  • AT-Internet : anonymized audience measurement
  • Display of multimedia editorial content : videos (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, INA), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), documents (Scribd, Document Cloud, Slideshare), sounds (SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer), maps (Google Maps, Mapbox, CartoDB, uMap), infographics (Highcharts, GitHub, Datawrapper, Flourish, Infogram, ThingLink, jQuery, Google Fonts, Bootstrap), live blogging (24liveblog, CoverItLive), help integrating media into Journal and Club (Embedly).
  • character shape : optional questionnaires to collect the opinion of readers on our digital products.
  • Datadog (on-site only) : technical indicators and load balancing.
  • Selligent (on-site only) : communication with the subscriber, promotion of services, offers and advantages.
  • Batch (only on the app) : Send push notifications and in-app messages.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (only on app) : Required for push notifications to work on Android.
  • Microsoft App Center (only on the app) : system for updating and monitoring application failures.

These tools allow us to collect statistics on visits to mobile sites and applications to understand usage, detect any problems and optimize the ergonomics of our products.

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Here are the third-party tools included in this category:

  • AT-Internet : audience measurement linked to the subscriber’s identifier.
  • CrazyEggs (website only) : analysis of the customer journey.

There is no advertising on Mediapart. But we promote our content and services on other sites and social networks. For this, we use the technologies made available by certain advertising players.

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Here are the third-party tools included in this category:

  • Facebook (only on the site) : audience targeting on social networks to promote Mediapart.


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