Famitsu teases an important announcement for Nintendo


Famitsu teases an important announcement for Nintendo

As is often the case in Japan, Famitsu seems to have obtained an exclusive regarding a major announcement which will be made in the coming weeks and wants everyone to be aware. For this, the latest issue of Famitsu DS + Wii comes with an insert that couldn’t be more explicit as we let you discover.

What is this Super Big Game Premonition?

In next month’s issue, we might be able to reveal top secret information from a big headline.

After Mario, who else can give the 3DS and Wii U a boost?

Giving even one hint would be too scary already, so I’ll refrain from doing so and just say look forward to the next issue!

Following this discovery, our colleagues at Games Talk suspect that the announcement in question could be a new Dragon Quest, because this tease falls strangely well in relation to recent statements published on the V Jump Dragon Quest Network blog.

In addition to V Jump and Shonen Jump’s article on Dragon Quest X, there is also… we will announce it in the near future. But in any case, we have been very busy!

To find out more, you will have to wait until April 20, which is none other than the release date of the next Famitsu magazine dedicated to Nintendo consoles.

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