Fatal accident in Crozon: the entire peninsula in mourning

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Fatal accident in Crozon: the entire peninsula in mourning

The sky is low over the town of Lanvéoc this Monday afternoon. And the faces are serious. Near the public school, parents wait for their children to leave the playground. The atmosphere is heavy. Everyone picks up their kids and goes home for dinner. A father joins his daughter. “It’s terrible what happened. I knew the two girls from Lanvéoc who died well. They were really nice. It’s hard to live with. »

A psychological cell

The children of two of the three victims of Lanvéoc, Océane Fournier, 26 years old and Aurélie Poulain, 30 years old, attend this small rural school. The first was the mother of a 5-year-old little girl, and the second, of two girls and a boy. The third victim, Nora Larkoub, originally from Crozon, was younger. She was 19 years old.

The shock was such that a psychological unit was set up as soon as the establishment opened. “A psychologist was responsible for establishing dialogue with those who wish it,” explains Christine Lastennet, the mayor of Lanvéoc. Children, first of all, who have heard things and who are very sensitive. But also the members of the teaching team who wish it. The goal is to help them. Prepare them for the return of these children who have lost their mothers. This is all done through words and will take time. »

Christine Lastennet is very touched. “I know the families well. It is a huge tragedy. » In recent hours, the heavy task of warning his loved ones has fallen to him. “My job provides for it. But when that happens, it’s really, really difficult. »

Patrick Berthelot, mayor of Crozon, is also in shock. “To die so young, in such conditions, is tragic. I also have a thought for these children who lost their mothers. »

“I knew one of the victims very well”

At a place called Kergoff, 500 m from Tal-ar-Groas, motorists slow down as they approach the accident. Not out of unhealthy curiosity but as if to pay homage to the three young women who died. A man walks on the road to pay his respects at the scene of the tragedy. “I knew one of the victims well, Océane, the 26-year-old girl. Since yesterday, I have heard her name several times in the town but I have not had confirmation that it is indeed her. » Two hours later, he will have the answer to this question. “He was a deeply sympathetic person. We planned to meet his daughter for the Christmas holidays. I am deeply sad. Recently, she had worked in a creperie in Crozon. I know that she was looking for another job and that she was considering leaving Lanvéoc to settle in Crozon. I didn’t know the other victims. But I sympathize with the suffering of the families. »

” Everybody is concerned “

At the Café de la Forge, a few hundred meters away, many customers talk about the accident. ” Everybody is concerned. Here, we all know each other,” declares a regular in front of his friend.

The boss talks about his brother who was supposed to open the business on Sunday morning. “He passed on the main road shortly before 7:30 a.m., the time of the tragedy. Traffic conditions were good. The road was not slippery and visibility was good. We do not understand. »

According to the information we were able to gather on site, it seems that the three friends were returning from Quimper. For a reason that remains to be determined, their vehicle veered left, uphill and in a straight line. The car ended up hitting a tree before catching fire. “I have rarely seen such a violent shock,” attests one of the professionals required for the intervention. There was almost nothing left of the interior. »

An extremely violent shock

The car in which the three friends were on Sunday morning was driving towards Châteaulin-Crozon, in an area known to be relatively accident-prone. She crossed the center line in a straight line and uphill. Then went to bite, in the opposite direction, the grassy shoulder. She ends her run, about fifty meters further on, against a tree.

There were no signs of braking at the scene, neither on the road nor on the grass.

On the other hand, the wheel tracks remain clearly visible, on the vegetation, for several tens of meters. They indicate that the vehicle, a thermal Renault Captur (a compact SUV) tilted on a slope which separates the departmental 787, going from Châteaulin to Crozon, from the greenway which serves the peninsula from east to west.

How to explain this sudden departure from the road? Did the driver fall asleep? Has she lost control of her trajectory? In this neighborhood, residents also talk about the presence of wild animals on the road. “It’s common,” comments a trader. It is not uncommon to come across deer and wild boars there. Moreover, on Sunday evening, a few hours after the accident, a motorist again collided with an animal. You really have to be wary. »

A resident interviewed also reported the sound of an explosion. Was it a tire burst or an explosion due to the fire that broke out? So many questions that should be answered by the investigation which was entrusted to the Châteaulin gendarmerie brigade.

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