Quebecer Lysanne Richard, a famous fan of extreme sports, admitted that fear was far from being an obstacle the day after a dive of more than 25 meters which represents a world record.

On the contrary, the 41-year-old high-flying diver took the opportunity to accomplish her exploits.

“I know, I love fear,” she confessed Monday morning in an interview with LCN.

“It’s a motor, fear becomes a motor, fear allows bravery, courage, so it motivates me a lot, to be afraid,” she added.

She must have been particularly motivated on Sunday, because the challenge was daunting: jumping from a helicopter in the middle of Lake Memphremagog. A jump that was initially estimated at 24 meters, and which will end up being even higher.

“We are certain that there are more than 25, explained the one who is also a circus artist. After the measurements we took with the cable, the weight, the indications on the board in the helicopter, my safety officer, François Leduc and the pilot, Louis Lessard, told me that it was more like 25. We have several analyzes to do to be able to announce the exact height.

The previous record for this type of jump was 14 meters. The sympathetic Saguenéenne therefore pulverized the old brand.

“It was higher than my usual, it was higher than my sport in general, she explained. Women, we are 20 meters high in international competition. It was really noisy, there were a lot of pieces to put together.

Because yes, performing a dive in such a place is very different from what she usually does.

“This project required a lot of coordination and the involvement of many people,” she said. I am really grateful to all the team that got involved in the project.

“When you dive on a body of water, it’s really a different management, continues the acrobat. We have to make sure that there won’t be any boats directly at the finish of the jump, but we wanted them very close. There were 250 boats, it was completely crazy on arrival, horns, people shouting.

And then, do not miss it, since such a dive involves reaching the water at a dizzying speed.

“I start from zero, three seconds later I exceed 80 km/h, and a second after arriving in the water I am at zero, so there is a lot of impact on the body by the braking force” , she explained. , adding that she had technically succeeded in her dive under the circumstances.

“There’s not a lot of room for error because it happens so fast that the water feels like concrete to us,” she said.

From now on, Lysanne Richard is already on other projects. After having traveled around the world, whether in her sport or in her activities as a circus artist, she now intends to continue to meet her universe.

“There, what I want is to go around Quebec,” she said. I have a lot of projects in development in Quebec, and I’m always open to lots of ideas, I like when people communicate (…) my wish is to meet people. The crowd is really experiencing strong emotions.

Watch the full interview in the main video.


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