After a FIFA 15 which had given pride of place to all-out attack and an arcade game, the EA Sports franchise had a lot to make up for with its fans, while at the same time Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer are making a comeback on the occasion of the release of new gen machines. Today, we invite you to find out if Electronic Arts was able to correct the situation or if FIFA 16 looks more like FIFA Street than ever.

New Gen gameplay

The answer lies in our first match, from the kick-off or by reflex we try to go straight to the goal by making a slalom between the defenders who acted as cones last year. From the first seconds we find ourselves dispossessed of the ball and understand that the Canadian studio learned from its mistakes to revise its copy and try to make amends with his fans. But once this pleasant surprise we realize that the absence of this bug is not the only modification made to this opus and that we will have to review all our habits and ways of playing otherwise we will quickly be lost in the new vision of the game proposed by EA Sports this year.

the Canadian studio learned from its mistakes to revise its copy

From now on, the midfield battle regains importance and the AI ​​will not hesitate for a moment to play its role of sentinel to carry out enormous pressure and come and compete for the ball to prevent us from going on line again and again right score unopposed. During these intense and incessant struggles, we discover that the inertia of the ball has also been revised and that from now on we will have to rework all our dosages of pressure on the buttons of the controller otherwise the leather sphere will remain a few centimeters from our feet or, on the contrary, fly towards the stands. Although the situation is quite surprising at first, it has the merit of reflecting the pressure and stress to which a player is subjected during the match. As a result, it is now impossible to rush round from the defense in the hope of clearing a ball which will land directly on our leading attacker like a remote-controlled missile. You will need to take the time to carry out a check to be in optimal condition and only then attempt a pass with the right dosage. Even if it is regrettable that at times our balloon goes anywhere for no good reason.

Construction above all

For this reason, the passing game regains its splendor and all the players who hated long sprints on the touchline with Ronaldo and Gareth Bale will be delighted with this reversal of trend. From now on, carrying the ball will almost mean failure and the construction of the game will be the basics of FIFA 16. You should not hesitate to go back through your recoverers to try to push aside the opposing defense by stretching the play on the wings in order to find the gap and be able to deliver the blow with a club to the opponent. Like what happens every weekend in the majority of championships around the globe, the most efficient players on the technical point will be able to use the hard pass which is making its appearance this year and which allows players to pierce the lines as Barça often does when approaching the opposing area. Fortunately for us, this little new feature is not cheated as was the case with the new features in previous opuses and we take real pleasure in using it and seeing it come to fruition. A little earlier, we mentioned the fact of trying to stretch the play on the wings to achieve our goals, while last year this was not of much use given the ineffectiveness of the centers put in place to silence criticism around crosses/headers, FIFA also revised its copy this year.

EA Sports has also revised its copy in terms of goalkeepers

The latter regain their importance with this new opus, without regaining their automatic side which had led to their banishment in the past. Now the latter are more tense in order to find our attacker’s head more easily and put real pressure on the opposing goalkeeper. We will nevertheless have to learn to carefully measure our attempts otherwise we will see our ball go to the corner point. However, to prevent each successful cross from turning into a furious header ending in the back of the net, EA Sports has also revised its copy in terms of goalkeepers which most of the time avoid the pitfalls that we faced last year. The bug of shooting at the near post is now history and reflex stops are legion in order to multiply the spectacle in front of the goal line. But during deep passes towards our attackers, it is not uncommon to see the last bastion of the opposing team throw itself at us, like what Manuel Nueur does with Bayern in many matches. If there was one thing left to reproach them for, it is undoubtedly their lack of efficiency on rolled shots like what happens with the competition.

Referees not at the level

With good management of positioning on the field of attack and defense coupled with all these new features, but also the better management of sliding tackles or even the presence of dribbling without control which allows the opponent to be mystified while proving that the player and the ball are two different entities, FIFA 16 offers gameplay in which the balance between attack and defense is carefully balanced, even if the latter seems to have a slight advantage, but it is impossible to complain for the beauty of the spectacle and what a pleasure to see the Goal Line Technology activated to see that our defender with an angry sliding tackle saved the goal within a millimeter. But unfortunately for the title, while everything borders on perfection with a beautiful audio and visual match atmosphere, even if some stars still sport a rather strange skin texture which allows PES to stay one step ahead, the referee has for his part been forgotten by the developers. Non-existent free kicks or legendary penalties are legion and multiply over the course of the matches and risk angering a large number of players while waiting for a corrective patch to arrive which will attempt to rectify the situation. Without demanding English-style arbitration, FIFA fans have the right not to be confronted with referees who seem to come straight from our French championship. The matches are therefore regularly chopped up in a useless way and sometimes all the good ideas put together by the developers fail to nuance our feeling of frustration.

FIFA 16 offers gameplay in which the balance between attack and defense is carefully balanced

Aside from the pitch and the gameplay itself, FIFA 16 is also reviewing its copy and offering ever more imposing content over the years. Saying that including more and more men’s teams was not enough, the publisher decided to take the plunge into women’s football by adding 12 women’s teams which are unfortunately limited to use in a few game modes in order not to pit them against men’s teams and see gag videos appear on YouTube. Even if the differences in gameplay between men and women are not huge so as not to leave them out, EA has taken into account their lack of power to offer us matches that exude a little more finesse and construction at the same time. with the help of a more relaxed rhythm. Like what was done for the men’s teams, the newcomers were passed under the editor’s lenses and it is possible to recognize them in a few seconds for our greatest pleasure. Building on the success of FIFA Ultimate Team and thinking of players who do not necessarily have hours to devote to their collection, EA Sports adds FUT Draft mode which focuses on speed and ease of handling. The concept is to have us take part in a four-game knockout tournament in control of a team that we have put together by choosing from a varied and extensive cast. It is thus possible to build the team that resembles us in a few seconds and try to emerge victorious from the tournament to obtain numerous rewards. Once eliminated from the tournament, our team goes in the trash and it is time to leave for a new Draft for a fee and instantly relaunch ourselves in the adventure. A game mode that will allow newcomers to quickly get to know FUT mode and why not convert them afterwards. Even if FUT serves as a real daily source of money for Electronic Arts, the publisher has not forgotten to improve certain game modes like the Career which highlights the training of our players via the mini-games or also invites us to take part in pre-season tours to gain even more credibility.

As you will have understood, FIFA 15 is now ancient history and if we put aside the animations which sometimes lack binding, the catastrophic referees, the commentators who begin to feel the heat and the rolled shots, play FIFA 16 is a real pleasure that offers a different vision of football offered by Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Most :
  • An AI that is present at the defense and goalkeeper level
  • An atmosphere and total immersion
  • Fut Draft
  • Women’s teams
  • Incredible content
  • The end of remote-controlled passes
The lessers :
  • The commentators
  • Arbitration
  • Ball physics that sometimes lose your mind

EA set itself the goal of making people forget FIFA 15 and the mission was successful. With clever gameplay adjustments, an AI that positions itself perfectly to create real match situations and ever more complete content, FIFA 16 returns to the values ​​of the series implemented since FIFA 10. Despite everything, we are far away perfect game, the fault of the referees who must be urgently patched, wacky animations at times and a ball inertia which sometimes loses its mind. But these few downsides in no way prevent us from finding good sensations with the ball. The FUT Draft mode is likely to captivate many enthusiasts and we must hope that the arrival of women’s teams is only the first step and that they benefit from more game modes next year. If the vision of the game advocated by PES which appeals to the oldest players won over by PES 5 and 6 on PS2 does not suit you, FIFA will make you happy.

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