FIFA 24 will surely be without 2K (and FIFA 23 with EA Sports)


FIFA 24 will surely be without 2K (and FIFA 23 with EA Sports)

FIFA and EA, it’s over and between the two the rag is burning. WhileElectronic Arts announced the name change of its football franchise, FIFA for its part intends to come and walk on its toes by launching new FIFA games as soon as possible. And if we listen to the sounds of the corridor, it would be 2K who would be expected to take over.

FIFA and Take-Two are not for now

It must be said that sports games stamped 2K are popular, whether in the ring or a basketball court. It was enough for the canvas to ignite dreaming of a FIFA 2K24, except CEO Strauss Zelnick quickly tempered all the rumors.

According to him, even if the FIFA license could be a juicy business, there is absolutely nothing planned as he had also affirmed with our colleagues fromIGN.

We are certainly interested in expanding our opportunities in sports, and FIFA has a great brand and incredible influence, but we currently have no plans to discuss this.

Same story with the publication of the company’s latest financial statement, where Zelnick says that while the FIFA license is good for the company, there is absolutely nothing in the works For now.

Well, we noticed that the FIFA license is up for grabs, but we tend to be very thoughtful about our stuff. While we’d love to expand our sporting business, we don’t have much else to say at this time.

It is therefore not tomorrow the day before that we will see FIFA again on the front of the stage, even if its president shouts from all the rooftops that his license will return from FIFA 23 and that it is “THE BEST LICENSE OF THE UNIVERSE AND WILL REMAIN SO FOREVER”.

Moreover, the next opus was finally confirmed on the side of EA Sports, which was to lose the license now, but which probably does not want to throw away its already well underway title. The fed explained a few days ago:

Alongside these new productions, FIFA has granted an extension of the license granted to the publisher EA SPORTS. FIFA 23 will therefore be released at the end of the year with, for the first time, the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cups combined in a single edition of the game.

We must not forget that the development of a game takes time and that here, we will have to start everything from scratch. And even if a FIFA 24 manages to see the light of day despite everything, 2K will certainly not be involved since the company does not appear to be on the case immediately. Whether it will be in the future remains to be seen.

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