The long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 demo is set to arrive very soon, as this PSN leak shows.

The long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 demo is set to arrive very soon, as seen in this PSN leak spotted by a few gamers.

Final Fantasy 16 has been showing itself in depth for a few months, after its announcement two years ago at the PlayStation Showcase in September 2020. Enough to raise the hype among fans of the saga. During a new show organized by Sony in May, the public was able to discover in detail the combat system and the characters of this new epic. Fortunately, the wait is almost over as FF 16 releases June 22, exclusively on PS5. If we have the right to a lot of trailers, Square Enix should make an extra effort to satisfy the players and help them to wait as it should. Yes, a demo of Final Fantasy 16 is coming fast and should show up soon.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo is fast approaching!

On Reddit, several users have indeed spotted the trial version of the game and some even shared a screenshot of their PlayStation Network account. We discover that a demo of Final Fantasy 16 would be mentioned on the PSN, without further details. This one is not yet downloadable, but players (especially in Australia, according to comments) claim that they also see it appear.

Obviously, only those who pre-ordered the game can see the mention of the demo. It would therefore be excellent news for the public if this were to be confirmed. Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy 16had already confirmed its desire to deliver a demo some time before the game’s release. It remains to be seen when it will be available exactly, but the official announcement from Square Enix should certainly not be long, given that the game comes out on June 22.

A particularly generous demo?

We know absolutely nothing about this demo, but like many AAA game demos, the one from Final Fantasy 16 should probably allow to keep its backup to transfer it to the full version. Note however that the last episode of the saga, Final Fantasy 15broke this habit with its two demos, Episode Duscae and Platinum Demo.

These two pieces were still quite generous, to the delight of players, who expect the same from this new opus. The demo of FF 16 should give Square Enix a very telling insight into the expectation generated by the RPG. We imagine that the players will respond present, even if certain elements of Final Fantasy 16 sow some discord within the community.

FF XVI: the combat system twists the developers

Imagining the combat system of a Final Fantasy game is like wielding a double-edged sword. That of Cloud for example. On the one hand, we want to please fans of the saga, on the other, we seek to attract new players. However, satisfying everyone becomes a complex equation when making radical changes. This is precisely what the Creative Business Unit III development team is doing with Final Fantasy XVI by offering a real-time combat system, a complete departure from the series’ traditional turn-based mechanics. A brief overview with Campustech.

I have always loved the old turn-based system of the franchise, at a time when machines couldn’t do everything in real time in worlds as vast as those of FF. And then it allowed real tactical fights where you could think about how to best spend your skills and magic. But I also like the more action-oriented shift recently, which fits with the technological evolution too. FF XVI’s combat system won me over on paper. It is dynamic, rich in action, and above all, it is perfectly in tune with this universe and its characters. The exclusive concentration on the character of Clive seems judicious, since we never control the other members of the group (although we give combat orders to Torgal, Clive’s companion dog).

The design of this combat system represented the major challenge of the development of FFXVI, according to producer Naoki Yoshida (also director of Final Fantasy XIV, and who thinks that we should stop giving numbers to FF games).

“Developing this real-time combat system was probably our biggest challenge”said Yoshida during an interview in the offices of Square Enix in Tokyo. “We’ve mentioned in the past that with Final Fantasy XVI, our goal was to attract a new generation of players to the Final Fantasy saga. One of our main concerns early in development was how to achieve this.”

Yoshida revealed that the CBUIII team is made up of developers who love turn-based games and have grown up with them, including within the Final Fantasy story itself. Yet, when designing FFXVI, the team asked a crucial question: what games are popular today among younger generations of gamers? What games are they passionate about? It turned out that the majority of the answers pointed to action games.

“Instead of going back to the turn-based system, it was an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves, to try something that the series has never done, but that we really wanted to try, c ‘i.e. move to a fully action-based system’”Yoshida continued. “We could have gone for a hybrid system that mixed action and turn-based elements, but rather than creating something sketchy and unsatisfying, we decided to focus fully on the action.”

Final Fantasy XVI is therefore moving towards dynamic action gameplay, which leaves room for the players’ adaptability and reflexes, rather than relying on static gameplay based on reflection.

Final Fantasy XVI: Naoki Yoshida talks about the PC version again, work on which will only begin after the PS5 release

The priority of Creative Business Unit III is indeed the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy XVI at present, since the game has benefited from the support of PlayStation, both in its promotion to the public and on the side of its development. This is why Naoki Yoshida is still reluctant to talk about a PC version of the game, but he once again mentioned this port in an interview on the Japanese site ASCII.

The studio is waiting for the release of the PS5 version first

In this exchange, the producer comes back to different facets of the game, affirming that he wants to give the feeling of really playing ” a hollywood blockbuster ” with Final Fantasy XVIinsofar as the staging of the game ensures the spectacle.

But when asked what is the schedule for the studio after the game’s release, he quickly mentions possible DLC and especially the PC version, while making it clear that it will not arrive anytime soon:

First, we’re going to release the main game, and if we get positive feedback, we’ll consider doing something about it. We developed this game with the aim of creating a complete experience that you can enjoy 100%. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think!

We also plan to work carefully on the development of the PC version after release. »

The Japanese-English-French translation being perilous, this must be taken with a grain of salt, but there is little doubt that the development team is already focused on launching the PS5 version before moving on. This PC version should therefore see the light of day, but not for a while.

Final Fantasy 16: the demo appears by surprise on the PS5 of some players

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most awaited games of the year and it will be destined – in any case, for the moment – ​​only for games.

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most awaited games of the year and it will be destined – in any case, for the moment – ​​only for PlayStation 5 players. These are doubly spoiled, since they will be able to get your hands on a playable demo before release… which shouldn’t be long now.

A first step in Valisthéa

Just to make the community’s mouth water, but also to be perfectly confident about the quality of your baby., Square-Enix had already confirmed the existence of a playable demo of Final Fantasy XVI. This is expected to last approximately two hours.which turns out to be frankly generous and it will be her that the media and other lucky videographers had the chance to feel some time ago.

This free portion will thus focus on the youth of Clive Rosefield, the hero of the game. Because yes, you are not unaware that FF16 will focus on several timelines to tell its story and the very beginning of the title will thus explore the fiery years of the protagonist. Now it only remains to know when the demo will be available.

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