• To everyone’s surprise, Nintendo has just mentioned “after Switch”
  • No detail on the hardware side, but a desire to digitize the transition (like the competition)
  • Towards an announcement at the end of the year for a launch in 2024?

Sometimes called NEW Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Pro, Super Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch 4K, Nintendo’s “new” console has been talking about it for a few years now, even though the main interested party has never mentioned this possibility. A few months ago, Nintendo launched the OLED version of its Switch, a version with a slightly larger screen, with OLED technology, and a machine that had various optimizations, without benefiting from an ounce additional “power”.

When Nintendo talks about the after Switch…

As we recently celebrated the sixth anniversary of the Nintendo Switch (launched on March 3, 2017), we are slowly approaching the “technological transition” traditional at Nintendo, the Japanese giant having tended for decades to market a new console between 5 to 7 years after the previous one.

The NES (Famicom) was born in Japan in 1983, followed by the Super Nintendo in 1990, before the “really disgusting“N64 in 1996, the GameCube in 2001… Also, many believe that the long-awaited announcement of the “new” Switch is imminent.

Splatoon 3 Switch OLED

© Nintendo

Just recently, during a shareholder meeting, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa gave some details about the transition from Switch to Switch 2.When it comes to transitioning to next-gen, in the past, hardware was the only way for us to connect with our customers, and every time we released a new console, we had to rebuild our relationship with our customers.

In 2023, the situation is very different, and Nintendo intends to digitize the transition to come as much as possible. “With the Nintendo Switch, we were able to connect directly with various customers through the Nintendo Account system. Nintendo Account is not only usable by those who own game consoles, but also by customers who use mobile devices, and the current number of accounts exceeds 290 million.

Also, during the transition from Nintendo Switch to the next generation console, Nintendo will in particular ensure that customers will be able to make a smooth transition, while continuing to use their Nintendo accounts. A strategy similar to that adopted by PlayStation and Microsoft, with Nintendo players who will therefore be able to keep their same account with the next generation. A first for the Japanese firm.

So of course, this gives no indication of the when/how/why of this future Nintendo console, but the fact that the CEO of the firm is talking about the after Switch seems rather significant, and could prefigure an announcement in the coming months.

Some believe that the Japanese giant could announce its new machine at the end of the year, for a launch in 2024 (and it would be likely for the group to offer a new backward compatible console, capable of reading the millions of Nintendo Switch cartridges in circulation, in addition to new dedicated games). The bets are open.

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