Hot off the press: a leaked preview reveals Fortnite’s ‘Festival’ mode, set to revolutionize gameplay with an electrifying mix of music and battle royale action.

Fortnite, the ever-evolving battle royale game, is set to hit a new note with its upcoming “Festival” mode, a rhythm-based gaming feature that promises to blend competitive gameplay with musical flair.

Get Ready for Fortnite’s “Festival” Rhythm Mode

According to a tweet from popular leaker HYPEX, “Festival” isn’t just another addition to the vast Fortnite universe; it’s a revolutionary experience where players can immerse themselves in the role of musicians, playing instruments like vocals, guitar, drums and bass.

UPCOMING MUSIC MODE (with COLLABORATION) – Fortnite is working on a rhythm mode called “Festival” which offers Casual and Competitive modes. You’ll be able to perform vocals, guitar, drums, bass and more in solo or duet, trio and team play, AND earn FREE rewards. (All found by @itsUnreleased)


-HYPEX (@HYPEX) November 20, 2023

Scheduled for December 9, “Festival” features casual and competitive formats, catering to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a duo, trio, or team, this mode promises a unique and engaging gaming experience. The twist? You can earn FREE rewards while practicing to the beat of music!

The most exciting part of the “Festival” is the collaboration with a selection of legendary artists. Imagine yourself playing to the rhythm of Lady Gaga‘Pokerface’, which swings on LinkinPark“Numb”, feeling the rhythms of TotoAfrica, energizing with imagine Dragons » “Thunder”, or let yourself be fascinated by Alice CooperIt’s “Poison.” These iconic tracks, along with Fortnite’s music packs, should create a diverse and electrifying gaming atmosphere.

This innovative mode marks Fortnite’s continued expansion beyond the confines of conventional gaming, venturing into a realm where gaming and music intersect. This reflects the game’s commitment to providing its players with new and culturally relevant experiences.

As December 9 approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unleash their musical talents and enjoy a different kind of victory royale in Fortnite’s “Festival” mode. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to fight your way to rewards!

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