Fortnite Season 7 has arrived, introducing a new map in the game, a new vehicle and much more.

There is also a new Fortnite Battle Pass, which gives you access to new Season 7 skins and Season 7 emotes – as long as you put in the time and effort needed to unlock these items, of course.

If you just started in the game, don’t forget to check out our guide with Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks that will help you beat the other 99 players.

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What’s in Fortnite Season 7 and Battle Pass cost

Season 7 arrived with a series of new additions and changes for all players, including:

  • A winter update to the map, containing new locations called Frosty Flights, Polar Peak and Happy Hamlet
  • Ziplines that help you navigate the map
  • A new vehicle – the X-4 Stormwing plane
  • Wraps – which allow you to customize the appearance of vehicles and weapons
  • New skins and pets
  • Sandbox changes, including balloons that can now support items and weapons during use
  • The addition of a new Creative Mode

As in Season 6 previously, Season 7 offers a new batch of new rewards, many of which are blocked through a Battle Pass.

Although you can unlock a specific number of these rewards with the Free Pass, only with a Battle Pass will you be able to unlock the second tier of rewards.

The Battle Pass is a premium item and again costs 950 V-Bucks. You can buy 1,000 V-Bucks for around 10 euros, or earn V-Bucks in-game through a series of activities.

The Season 7 Battle Pass automatically offers the following rewards:

  • Two outfits – Zenith and Lynx
  • Personal XP increase by 50%
  • 10% increase in friends’ XP
  • Access to more Challenges

These Challenges are introduced weekly, ranging from performing certain activities to finding objects hidden on the map and, by completing them, you will improve your Battle Pass and have access to rewards faster.

These Battle Pass Challenges and rewards can be completed at your leisure, but be aware that as soon as a new season begins, the game will reset your progress and a new set of rewards will be made available.

List of Fortnite Season 7 skins

First, let’s look at the part that interests you – the Fortnite Season 7 skins. These are unlocked with both Free Pass and Battle Pass, at the following levels:

Zenith skins (Tier 1, new styles unlocked with progress)

Lynx skins (Tier 1, new styles unlocked with progress)

Sgt Winter skins (Tier 23, new styles unlocked with progress)

Powder Outfit (Tier 47)

Trough Outfit (Tier 71)

Onesie Outfit (Tier 87)

The Ice King Outfit (Tier 100, new styles unlocked with progress)

List of Fortnite Season 7 emotes

There are a number of new emotes in Season 7, just as you expected. The following is a list:

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  • Golf Clap emote (Tier 14)
  • Shimmer emote (Tier 31)
  • Mic Drop emote (Tier 46 – free)
  • Get Funky emote (Tier 63)
  • Free Flow emote (Tier 95)

List of Fortnite Season 7 rewards

There are two types of rewards available – those with the Battle Pass, and those with the Free Pass, so keep this in mind if there are any that you particularly want.

In summary, Season 7 rewards include:

  • 1300 V-Bucks
  • Two pets
  • Six Wraps
  • Four Axes
  • Five emotes
  • Two toys
  • Four gliders
  • Six Back Blings
  • Five contrails
  • 13 Sprays
  • Three musical tracks

Here are the full rewards …

List of Fortnite Season 7 rewards

Tier Battle Pass reward Free reward None
1 Zenith Outfit, Lynx Outfit, Battle Pass Challenges, Combo XP Boost none
two 10% personal XP boost, 5x Free Tiers for next season. GG Snowman Spray
3 Wreath Banner Icon none
4 100 V-Bucks X-4 Stormwing Loading Screen
5 Arctic Camo Wrap none
6 Mistletoe Emoticon Contrail Snowflakes
7 Perfect Present Back Bling none
8 Grumpy Tree Spray Icy Heart Emoticon
9 5% Friend XP boost none
10 100 V-Bucks none
11 Festive Paper Wrap Airplane Banner Icon
12 Gingerbread Loading Screen none
13 Festive Music none
14 Golf Clap Emote Gingerbread Banner Icon
15 Tactical Sleigh Glider none
16 GG Wreath Emoticon none
17 10% personal XP Boost none
18 100 V-Bucks 100 V-Bucks
19 Hamirez none
20 Bag of Coal Spray none
21 String Lights Contrail none
22 Trail Tote Back Bling Sgt. Winter Loading Screen
23 Sgt. Winter Outfit, Sgt. Winter Challenges
24 5% Friend XP Boost none
25 Ginger Gunner Emoticon none
26 Ultra Red Wrap Sgt. Winter Spray
27 100 V-Bucks none
28 Ice Puck Toy none
29 Tartan Banner Icon none
30 Crackshot Loading Screen Royale Air Glider
31 Shimmer Emote none
32 Merry Marauder Banner Icon none
33 10% personal XP boost none
34 100 V-Bucks 100 V-Bucks
35 Per oar none
36 Neon Cat Spray none
37 Glyphs Contrail none
38 Ninja Star Banner Icon Abominable Ax
39 Glidurrr none
40 Tender Defender Loading Screen none
41 5% friend XP boost none
42 100 V-Bucks Sword Banner Icon
43 Durrr Burger Wrap none
44 Moth Spray none
45 1000 Season XP none
46 Emoticon Mittens Mic Drop Emote
47 Powder Outfit none
48 Porthole Spray none
49 10% personal XP boost none
50 Meat Banner Icon Lynx Loading Screen
51 100 V-Bucks none
52 Hamirez Pink Style none
53 Amazed Emoticon none
54 Cuddle Team Hula Spray Disco Music
55 Ice Cube Back Bling none
56 Bin Banner Icon none
57 5% friend XP boost none
58 Fiber Optics Contrail Hot Chocolate Emoticon
59 100 V-Bucks none
60 Indigo Ice Wrap none
61 1000 Season XP none
62 Sun Banner Icon Melting Snowman Spray
63 Get Funky Emote none
64 10% personal XP boost none
65 Support Squadron Loading Screen none
66 1000 Season XP none
67 Remus Skull Style none
68 Penguin Emoticon none
69 100 V-Bucks none
70 Bananas Spray none
71 Trog Outfit none
72 Trog Drawings Spray none
73 5% friend XP boost none
74 Carbon and Gold Wrap none
75 100 V-Bucks none
76 Fancy Burger Toy none
77 Chain Banner Icon none
78 Dark Llama Loading Screen none
79 Rickety Runner Glider none
80 Baited Spray none
81 10% personal XP boost none
82 100 V-Bucks none
83 Hamirez Brown Style none
84 Octopus Banner Icon none
85 Swirls Contrail none
86 Durr Burger Emoticon none
87 Onesie Outfit none
88 5% friend XP boost none
89 Pixel Ramirez Spray none
90 Skull Squad Loading Screen none
91 100 V-Bucks none
92 Twist Music none
93 Remus Ice Style none
94 F Emoticon none
95 Free Flow Emote none
96 10% personal XP boost none
97 100 V-Bucks none
98 Dusty Depot Loading Screen none
99 Lynx Spray none
100 The Ice King Outift, The Ice King Challenges none

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