France-Algeria agreement, immigration… Emmanuel Macron attacks LR and Édouard Philippe

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France-Algeria agreement, immigration… Emmanuel Macron attacks LR and Édouard Philippe

The head of state does not appreciate that his former Prime Minister supports a draft resolution tabled by the right to end a migration agreement between Paris and Algiers. The Élysée is hardly more cordial with a possible referendum on immigration demanded by Éric Ciotti.

On the eve of the right’s parliamentary niche in the National Assembly, the head of state is handing out bad points. For this day when the Republicans have control of the agenda, the leader of the movement Éric Ciotti and the president of the group Olivier Marleix have decided to put migration issues on the table. On the menu: a proposed resolution to put an end to the agreement between Algeria and France.

This treaty signed in 1968, six years after the country’s independence, creates a unique status for Algerian nationals in terms of movement, residence and employment.

“I did not understand that France’s foreign policy was defined in Parliament”

Édouard Philippe, who had already strongly criticized this agreement in an interview with The Express during the summer, called on his troops to vote to end this treaty. Enough to annoy Emmanuel Macron quite a bit.

“I did not understand that France’s foreign policy was defined in Parliament,” quipped the President of the Republic during the Council of Ministers this Wednesday, according to a BFMTV speaker.

Very concretely, this text excludes Algerians from common law regarding immigration to France. Family reunification is made easier for them, as is access to certain professions, while being more restrictive on student visas.

Renaissance deputies will not vote to end the agreement between Paris and Algiers

Algerians can also request a residence permit in France for 10 years after three years of stay, compared to five for other nationalities. 600,000 residence permits to Algerian nationals were granted in 2022.

If some at Renaissance recognize that this agreement is no longer “operational”, like the vice-president of the group Marie Lebec, the choice was made not to touch this agreement, especially since in periods of cold, the Relations with Algiers have improved in recent months. Diplomacy is also the “reserved domain” of the head of state in political habits and customs.

” They are funny “

Emmanuel Macron also did not hesitate to attack one of the other texts which will be debated this Thursday in the hemicycle: a proposed constitutional law on immigration.

She’s searching extend immigration issues to the scope of the referendum with the idea of ​​questioning the French on this subject and has little chance of being voted on in the National Assembly.

” They are funny. On immigration, the same people who refuse to broaden the scope of the referendum now want to change the Constitution,” quipped the tenant of the Élysée, still in the Council of Ministers.

Éric Ciotti has been calling for a referendum on immigration for months, as he was able to explain to Emmanuel Macron during the Saint-Denis Meetings last August around party leaders. If the President of the Republic had opened the door to this possibility in a letter, he finally closed this possibility himself at the end of November during the second session of these exchanges. The right had also shunned these meetings.

The words of the Head of State could in any case demonstrate a certain excitement in the macronie camp, a few days before the arrival of the immigration law in the hemicycle, strongly pushed for months by the Élysée.

With a serious risk of setback for the majority: LR deputies assured this Wednesday during a press conference that they “do not want to vote” on the version adopted by the law committee last week.

Mathieu Coache and Marie-Pierre Bourgeois

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