Why do I need to know that’s it?

Because it’s one of those expressions that comes up all the time in spoken French, and seems deceptively simple.

What does it mean?

That’s it – roughly pronounced sah-ee-ay – is mainly used to recognize the beginning or end of something, perhaps an activity. You’ll often see it written with an exclamation point because it expresses relief or excitement.

By breaking down the sentence, California just that meaning “that”, and EST is a form of the verb “to be”. Yes would usually refer to a place, but in this case it simply acts as a connector between the other two words.

So literally it means “he is there”, but the words are spoken together.

When used before an event, it can help provide a sense of anticipation. You might hear commentators use it before a sports match or a friend use it before going on vacation to mean something like “here we are”, “that’s it” or “here we go”.

Using that’s it at the end of the event normally involves a bit of relief that it’s over. You might hear someone use it after they’ve finished doing something that’s difficult or took a while, meaning “all done!” “, ” finished ! » or “that’s it!” » or “finally!” »


For example, you could say “that’s it, I’m done” to mean “that’s it, I’m done”.

This expression is less used in writing although you might encounter it written informally in the form ‘know’ in a text message.

This can also be used as a question to ask if someone is finished or if they understood something. So in English this can be translated as “understood?” »

Use it like this

That’s it, I’m on vacation! – That’s it. I am on holiday !

That’s it. Let’s go. – Here we go. They left !

You’re done ? Yes, this is it ! – Have you finished ? Yes, I’m done!

That’s it, I found my keys! – It’s done, I found my keys!

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