“French farmers are cowards who fear competing with Argentine farmers”

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“French farmers are cowards who fear competing with Argentine farmers”


Assassination of Samuel Paty: reprieve and electronic bracelet for the six schoolchildren

Sentences of 14 months in prison suspended to six months in prison – placed under an electronic bracelet – were handed down on Friday in Paris against six ex-college students tried for their involvement in the assassination of professor Samuel Paty by a young jihadist in 2020. ordered with regard to “the seriousness of the facts”, their “personality” and their “evolution”, and while the offenses are “perfectly established”, declared the children’s court in its judgment, read in public hearing after two weeks of hearing behind closed doors. trial given the young age of the defendants at the time of the facts, between 13 and 15 years old. The president called the teenagers, now eight years old, aged 16 to 18, to the stand one by one, to detail their convictions, generally in accordance with the requisitions of the anti-terrorism prosecution. ” Do you understand? » she asked everyone. Leaving the room, the lawyers for Samuel Paty’s relatives strongly criticized the sanctions “not up to the drama” and which send “a bad signal”, as affirmed by the lawyer for the parents of the professor and a of his sisters, describing their “anger”. , “disappointment” and “incomprehension”. “A man beheaded in a street is not nothing,” and “I don’t see this unanimous start of the judicial institution, I don’t see this revolt, this stop,” declared Maître Virginie Le Roy, very moved. – “Infinite suffering” -In defense, Me Antoine Ory said he was “relieved despite the horror of the facts”. As for the sentence, “it is just”, even if it “will never be a sentence commensurate with the infinite and eternal suffering of the civil parties”. Five of the teenagers were found guilty of criminal conspiracy with a view to preparing aggravated violence, for having monitored the surroundings of the college and designated Samuel Paty as the attacker, for remuneration. This “while you were aware of the criticisms made” at the college “and on social networks” against the professor, the president said. The heaviest sentence, two years in prison including six months under an electronic bracelet, was handed down against the former schoolboy approached by the attacker Abdoullakh Anzorov. “You communicated to the attacker the physical and clothing description” of the professor and his “”route usually taken”, “you stayed several hours” with him and “favored” his “concealment”, the court told him . “You recruited other college students in order to designate” the teacher, organized “surveillance” around the school “for several hours” and finally “designated Samuel Paty at the end of the school”. Four other young people were sentenced to sentences ranging from 14 to 20 months with suspended probation (i.e. accompanied by a series of obligations, in particular to follow education or training and to be monitored by childcare professionals). – “Persistent lie” – A sixth teenager was sentenced to 18 months of probation for slanderous denunciation. This schoolgirl had falsely claimed that Mr. Paty had asked the Muslim students in the class to introduce themselves and leave the class before showing the caricatures of Mohammed. In fact, she hadn’t taken this course. The court highlighted before her “the existence of a persistent lie” that the teenager “recognized” and which had been “materialized” by the filing of a complaint against Samuel Paty. “She was 13” and “can’t forgive herself for this lie.” “, “she will try to move forward (…), live with this permanent guilt which for once does not go well with her cross but inhabits her”, reacted her lawyer Mbeko Tabula. This lie was at the origin of a violent campaign fueled on social networks by his father, Brahim Chnina, and by an Islamist activist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, author of videos which drew attention to the professor. They will be judged in a second trial with six other adults at the end of 2024. This case has caused immense excitement in France and abroad. Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old history and geography professor, was stabbed and then beheaded on October 16, 2020 near his college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines) by Abdoullakh Anzorov, a Russian refugee of Chechen origin killed in the process. by the police. The 18-year-old radicalized Islamist criticized the professor for showing caricatures of Muhammad during a lesson on freedom of expression. In an audio message in Russian, he claimed responsibility for his actions, congratulating himself on having “avenged the Prophet”.mdh-mk/bfa/cbn

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“French farmers are cowards who fear competing with Argentine farmers” - 1

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