Why do I need to know nickel?

Because this French term is a handy little slang word that can be used after a deep clean or as a positive response to How’s it going ?

So what does this mean?

Nickel – roughly pronounced neek-ell – means “nickel” (as in metal), as in English, but it also has a much more common secondary meaning.

It is a positive affirmation similar to “awesome”, “great”, “perfect”, as well as “impeccable” and “impeccable” in English.

French speakers are thought to have used the word nickel to express enthusiasm since the 20th century, and it probably started as military slang.

Linguists speculate that the origin of the colloquialism is linked to the weapons, which had to be kept in immaculate condition, shining so brightly that they reminded soldiers of nickel – a silvery-white metal known for its purity which once polished, gives a brilliant shine.

So the next time someone says How’s it going ? to you, why not avoid the usual answers of How’s it going And Thanks very much and answer in a lively tone nickel, and you? (Well, and you?).


In addition we can say It’s perfect congratulating someone by telling them what they have accomplished is amazing or perfect. Alternatively, if you want to express the feeling that something is perfect instead of nickel then you can use the more formal it’s perfect.

Similar to its origins, you can still use nickel means that something is very clean, for example after vacuuming or sweeping. In this direction, nickel is not only used in informal contexts – it can also be used in formal settings to mean ‘impeccable’ and ‘immaculate’, as can its more informal meaning of ‘impeccable’.

Other synonyms for “impeccable” in French are it’s clean (that’s nice) or it’s clean (it’s clean).

Be careful, however, not to confuse nickel with the similar-sounding, but very vulgar, French swearword which means “kiss”.

how can i use nickel?

Did it go well last night? Yes, it was spot on! – Did it go well last night? – It was great!

Everything in order? Yes, it sucks! – Is everything tidy? Yes, it’s flawless!

Bravo, the scene was incredible, nothing to say, it was perfect. – Bravo, the scene was incredible, no notes, it was perfect.

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