Frustrated LoL players complain about Yuumi again


Frustrated LoL players complain about Yuumi again

LoL players are once again complaining about Yuumi. But this time, because of an annoying strategy in the 2v2v2v2 arena, especially combined with a tank

Yuumi shocked face

The popular Arena game mode returned to League of Legends and left players frustrated because of Yuumi. Combined with a tank, Yuumi and her allies become almost invincible. Of course, this means that players will abuse this cheese strategy, but how exactly does it work?

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This has to be the most frustrating composition to play against: Yuumi and a full tank. But why? We’ll show you the strategy behind this:

  1. Pair Yuumi with a tank with a lot of CC (Tahm Kench, Alistar, Leona, Nautilus)
  2. Rush Zhonyas on Yuumi and the tank
  3. Rush Guardian Angel second on Yuumi, then full tank for the rest of everyone’s items
  4. Then just sit at the entrance to the portal.

Now they’re relaxing near the portal and there’s not much to do except wait for the ring of fire for 30 seconds. If both opponents attack them, they jump into the portal. If one attacks while the other stays in the other portal, Yuumi and her tank partner can simply CC you and guard/shield each other.

Once the ring of fire pushes them into the middle of the arena, they just have to wait until the last moment before dying to use their Zhonyas.

If they get lucky with the augmentations, it’s completely game over for their enemies. In case they get the nesting doll increase, they will have to be killed 3 times because they will be revived twice. This is an incredibly broken new augmentation, especially if the tank hits it.

Watch the video below if you want to learn more about the nesting doll and other augmentations:

So the whole strategy is to run away, use Zhonyas and let opponents burn alive.

The most unhealthy champion in the game?

Ever since Yuumi was freed, she was either extremely broken or completely useless, or somewhere in between. And the new Arena game mode shows it once again. Some players want her to be unavailable or permanently banned from the arena, others want her to be removed from the game completely.

However, if you don’t want to see this composition, you’d better ban Yuumi. Otherwise, if you want to earn some points, join your companion and let your enemies hit the air with this composition.

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