The Gcam has become an essential application for many users. This is the easiest way to radically improve the photos taken by your camera, with a treatment practically identical to that carried out by the Google Pixel. The Gcam can be officially downloaded from its creator’s page, and although there are several versions, some are designed to be compatible with certain phones, so there will always be a version for you (as long as your mobile has a processor of Qualcomm).

However, you might have heard about Gcam XML files and thanks to them we can further enhance the photos taken by this camera. We will tell you what they are and how they are installed, so that you can get the most out of the Google Camera on your phone, because within seconds we can significantly improve the behavior of the app.

Automatic configuration files for your Gcam

In computer terms, XML (eXtensible Markup Language), very briefly, is a metalanguage used to save certain files, that is, a type of file that can be edited with a text editor. This type of files, in the case of the Gcam, save specific settings for each phone, so that we can install them so that the Gcam has these parameters.

Each phone being different, it is advisable to have an individualized configuration in XML format to get the most out of the Gcam

Each phone has a different sensor and certain peculiarities both at the hardware level and at the level of compatibility with Google’s Camera2API, it is therefore necessary a specific and individualized configuration to get the most out of the Gcam. So that Gcam can read this XML file, the corresponding folder must be created. Since it can be created quickly and manually, we’ll teach you how to do it.

  • Open any file explorer
  • Go to the root folder (internal storage)
  • Create the ‘Gcam’ folder
  • In this ‘Gcam’ folder, create the ‘Configs’ folder

This method is valid for a good number of versions of Gcam, but some have a small variant for this folder, like « Configs7 ». The surefire alternative here is to have Gcam create the folder itself. To do this, we follow these steps.

  • We open the Gcam
  • Click on the up arrow that opens Quick Settings
  • We open the configuration menu
  • Click on ‘more information’
  • We activate ‘Enable Mod’ and go back
  • We return to the configuration menu
  • Click on ‘Mods Configs Creator’
  • to save
  • We put the name we want in XML
  • We keep

All these steps are necessary in the event that your Gcam does not have the advanced parameters menu activated. Some Gcams have these customization menus active by default, you just have to look for it and, if it is already created, you just have to do the step of renaming the XML and saving it. When changing name to XML by default we force the phone to create the Configs folder.

Once we have created this folder, either manually or through the app, we need to double tap on one of the empty sides next to the shutter. By giving it, it will allow us to choose the XML we want (provided that we have downloaded them in the corresponding Configs folder). But where to look for XML? On Gcam’s own creator page, you have a list with XML for each phone. However, here it is recommended browse Telegram forums and groups specific to your mobile to keep you up to date with the best settings.

Source: Frandroid

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