Genshin Impact: Sigewinne ability kit leaked

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Genshin Impact: Sigewinne ability kit leaked

With the latest Genshin Impact update, the Traveler and Paimon were heading to Fontaine, the Hydro region. Besides the Archon, Lady Furina herself, we’ve already met a bunch of other characters who will soon be playable! One of them is particularly interesting, since it will be our first Melusine unit: Sigewinne! Let’s take a look at what this little nurse has in store for us!

Genshin Impact Sigewinne Wrio

Melusines are a entirely new species within Genshin Impact, which were added not too long ago with the very first version of Fontaine. Throughout the history of the Hydro region, we will find a gang of these little ladies running around the city or encounter them in their own little underground village.

One of them, which arouses the most interest within the community, is the gypsies, the head nurse of the Meropide Fortress infirmary. In terms of looks, she definitely gets a 10/10 on the cuteness scale, but since her adorable looks alone won’t kill any enemies, you can also check out her kit here!

Genshin Impact: Sigewinne kit leaked

As I already mentioned, regarding the main story of Fontaine, Sigewinne is a nurse and what role would suit her better than that of support! Oddly enough, this would make her the fifth unit with the smallest body type to be a healer. The only exceptions to this rule are Nahida and Klee, who are also very small but as far away from a healer/buffer as they could be.


Estimated output:

Version 4.6
Element and weapon: Hydro/Arc


Role: Buffer and Healer

Genshin Impact: overview of Sigewinne’s abilities

Genshin impact sigewinne watching wrio

Sigewinne – Autoattack: Tide Accuracy

  • Sigewinne makes up to three consecutive shots with her bow.
  • Performs a more accurate aimed shot with increased DMG.
  • Fires a shower of arrows into the air before falling and hitting the ground, dealing AoE DMG on impact.

Sigewinne – Elemental Skill: Maritime Sedation

  • Sigewinne uses it Dart gun granting the status to all characters close to your party. This state has different effects when pressed or held:

    → Press: Fires a , dealing AoE Hydro DMG to enemies it comes into contact with.

    → Maintain: Enters aim mode and locks on to an enemy. During this time, Sigewinne’s resistance to interruption is increased and so is her charge. Dart gun up to three Flurry levels.

  • Characters in this state will benefit from the following effects depending on the hydro-elemental reaction they created during said state:
Reaction (hydro-based) Effect
Freeze Increases freeze duration by a certain amount.
Electro-charged Increases EM by a certain amount.
Spray Spray DMG is increased by a certain amount.
Bloom Increases EM by a certain amount.
Hydroelectric whirlpool Increases EM by a certain amount.

These effects can be increased by the number of the opponents you hit with your Dart Gun!

Sigewinne – Elemental Burst: awkward bump

  • Sigewinne drops her medicine, dealing AoE Hydro DMG on appearance and creating the following properties:

    Applies wet state to opponents, who was hit by the initial AoE.
    → Characters inside restore a certain amount of HP based on Sigewinne’s maximum HP. Non-active units will do the same with an amount less than the active one.

  • It is important to note that the more enemies you hit with AoE, the shorter the interval between healing instances will be.
  • Besides that, there can be two fields at the same time, which will give you three changes of .

    → will be triggered if two fields created by Sigewinne itself already exist. This allows Sigewinne to jump between the two fields, consuming a charge of and dealing huge AoE Hydro DMG hopping and jumping. This also heals other nearby characters.

Sigewinne’s Burst seems quite interesting to me, especially with the movement mechanics. It’s hard to say how difficult it will be to trigger all three charges of Tender Leap, and we’ll have to wait until we finally get to play it alone! Aside from that, it looks like Sigewinne will be a super strong healer, buffer, and Hydro candidate for your team, and you should definitely keep an eye on her release if you need a new healer!

And that’s basically everything there is to know about the cutest Mélusine Sigewinne! After reading her kit, the decision of whether I wanted to shoot for her or not was pretty simple: YES, obviously! It is absolutely a must-have in my range!

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