As learned early yesterday evening, God of War will have the luxury of squatting the cover of Game Informer in February. The space of a complete report, the teams of the magazine were able to talk with the developers to learn more before the release which should take place in the first quarter of 2018.

Information from this issue is already circulating on the web, but no, no official release date has been gleaned by Game Informer. here is a summary of the details that have leaked so far :

Combat system and movements

  • The fights are based on prioritizing enemies, and are therefore less “chaotic” than in the past, more tactical. Some of them will resist your attacks via your ax which bears the small name of “Leviathan”.
  • Using the environment is obviously something important, and offers players different choices to get out of the situations offered
  • Your ax (Leviathan) can be thrown to freeze certain enemies, and you must press a button to make it return to you
  • There is no jump key, besides there is no more jump and no swimming sequence. As already specified by Santa Monica Studio, Kratos and Atreus will travel using boats when necessary
  • The shield is useful for parrying and during melee encounters
  • Since Atreus is sort of an extension of Kratos and his moves, you can call on him via the square button
  • Atreus will throw arrows at opponents which will stun them, and Kratos will then be able to catch them. Once grabbed, Kratos can either gut them or use them as weapons. In this second case, your new puppet will be able to provoke “in spite of himself” an area attack which will send the rest of the group flying in the air.

Weapons and Equipment Upgrades

  • Skills, armor and weapons can be upgraded
  • Crafting will be part of it, especially to shape various types of armor
  • The system for perfecting abilities and crafting also applies to Atreus
  • The ax has slots to insert runes that will modify the properties of the instrument, both for light and heavy attacks
  • Although there are other weapons, the ax and shield are really the stars of this installment

Others (future of the series, objective of this episode…)

  • The developers wanted to move away from the concept of Kratos destroying all gods, so they made him more vulnerable. The only real time he goes crazy is when he triggers the “Spartan Rage” which allows him to crush his enemies only by the power of his fists
  • After God of War Ascension, they were pretty much done with the license, and it took Cory Barlog to pitch something big and refreshing to get the go-ahead for this installment.
  • Regarding the future of God of War, Barlog touched on the Mayan era or the Egyptian era
  • With this new direction taken by the series, Cory Barlog wants to broaden the target of God of War by bringing the franchise to heights like Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed so that it takes on another dimension

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